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SoundBar: is it worth buying one?

The Soundbar is already an interesting option for those who want to improve the sound of the TV. Understand how it works and what are the main advantages.

Soundbar: created to eliminate wires and facilitate use, especially in small environments

O Soundbar a sound system that aims to simplify the concept of ?Home theater?, Without leaving aside the sound quality and power. It was developed based on user reviews that value the sound experience when watching videos, concerts and TV, but were bothered by the complexity needed to mount a home theater traditional, both for the amount of wires and connections, and for the cost of hiding cables and boxes on floors, walls or plaster ceilings.

Another common problem is that the home theater usually has its own operating system. What can be useful for those who use a TV older, in many cases, if necessary or always compatible when you already use a modern smart TV (read, the case of the author of this post).

How it works?

O Soundbar solves these issues by focusing on what matters: the quality and power of audio. Composed, generally, by a bar it is a subwoofer, it connects easily with any TV and can be positioned just below it (on the wall or on the furniture). This makes it suitable for people looking for a practical solution and also that takes up less space.

The set usually consists of the boom and a subwoofer (wired or wireless)

THEbarit has several speakers to emit high and medium sounds. It's the subwoofer It is responsible for reproducing the sounds of explosions in films or creating sound involvement when playing a song. There are options for soundbar with subwoofer wireless, which makes installation of the equipment even easier:

What equipment can I connect the Soundbar to?

The connection is made only with a cable, usually in theHDMI, P2 or cableoptic. If your smart TV is compatible, it is also possible to perform wireless transmissions (by default Bluetooth) or even with USB devices (like pendrives). This makes this sound system perfect also for play sounds from smartphones and tablets, with minimum configuration. Just locate the Soundbar in the menu Bluetooth from your smartphone, and start playback.

Depending on the model, the Soundbar is connected via HDMI, P2, optical or even wireless (Bluetooth) cable

Some manufacturers also create standards that facilitate connection, some universal and others that require you to have a smart TV of the same brand. the case of ?TV Sound Connect"gives Samsung, which automatically recognizes the Soundbar, allowing the connection between the two devices in a matter of seconds and completely wireless. In models of LG, the user can also take advantage of a similar facility, calledSound Sync Wireless.

The Ideal Environment

This ideal sound system for those with small rooms, where the positioning of theSoundbaronly in the region of TV can propagate the sound to the entire environment. For that reason, it may even be useful in larger rooms, but it will not bring as many benefits as a system home theater more complete.

Without wires and cables, the Soundbar cleans up the environment. The advantages are even greater in small environments.

Often, the product design gives an even more modern look to the room and cleans the environment of wires and cables between appliances or, worse, under the carpet. The power of the audio usually varies according to the value of the Soundbar. Therefore, it is always good to evaluate this cost, making sure that you can spend enough to buy a model that meets the needs of the environment where the Soundbar be positioned.

Recommended Models

Soundbar 120W 2.1Ch HW-H370 Samsung (HW-H370 / ZD):

Samsung HW-H370 / ZD

O Samsung HW-H370 / ZD Soundbar and one of the most recent models that the company makes available to the Brazilian market. He has 2.1 channels, that is, it has a set of stereo speakers inside the bar, together with the subwoofer.

The total power of the model (RMS) and 120W, and he works with connections wiredandwireless, per Bluetooth. Pairing made easy by technologyTV Sound Connect, but only if you connect to a TV, tablet or smartphone Samsung compatible.

The company even provides an application to control the functions of the Soundbar: Audio Remote, available only for smartphones and tablets Android. This convenient app is a control center for basic functions, such as on / off, volume and media controls, as well as custom settings, such as 7-band equalization.

OSamsung HW-H370 / ZD costs around R $ 599.00 in stores like Walmart and Lojas Americanas.

LG Soundbar SH5

LG Soundbar SH5

O SH5 Soundbar gives LG also connects with TVs, smartphones and tablets via connections Bluetooth (Wireless) or through traditional cables. With power 320W and 2.1 channels, the product has a wireless subwoofer, and has easy pairing with the TV through the function Sound Sync Wireless.

In addition, it has a feature called Auto Sound Engine, which automatically balances the sound frequencies according to the content played. The SH5 Sound Bar model has power and bold design. a product with varied functions capable of providing a differentiated experience to the user, both when watching TV and at that special moment of listening to the favorite songs offering a perfect sound and design, highlights Rodrigo Berti, Audio and Video Product Specialist at LG Electronics do Brasil.

OLGSoundbar SH5 has suggested price of R $ 1,498.96 and is available in stores like FastShop.

Curved Soundbar Samsung HW-J6001R (SGHWJ6001RPTA)

Curved Soundbar Samsung HW-J6001R (SGHWJ6001RPTA)

This samsung model has a special feature: it is curved. With2.1 Channels and 300Wfull power, it is one of the best to ensure that sound reaches the entire room. He has 06 individual speakers, with dedicated amplifiers, and a wireless subwoofer.

OCurved Soundbar Samsung HW-J6001Rconnects to TV, smartphone or tablet via wireless connections (Bluetooth), HDMI, USBor cableoptic, and can be controlled by the Audio Remote app, available only for smartphones and tablets Android.

O Curved Soundbar Samsung HW-J6001R (SGHWJ6001RPTA)can be found at FastShop for R $ 2,598.96.

Yamaha YSP-3300 Soundbar

Yamaha YSP-3300 Soundbar – Front
Yamaha YSP-3300 Soundbar – Back

O YSP-3300 Soundbar gives Yamaha surprises by the power of specifications. He has 7.1 channels with 16 speakers and two woofers, plus one wireless subwoofer. The total output power of262W.

Other features include technology Advanced YST, which reproduces the bass tones in a rich and powerful way, simulating a soundurrround (which involves the whole environment); it's the IntelliBeam, which uses a microphone to automatically adjust the best sound angles for the environment. It has support for the standard HDMI (4 inputs / 1 output) with 4K Pass-Thoughts, entry to optical cable and accept wireless connections with TVs, smartphones and tablets, for Bluetooth.

OYamaha YSP-3300 Soundbar sold by R $ 12,999.00 at Walmart.

And you? Thinking about buying a Soundbar? Leave your doubts in the field below, which we answer.