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Sony bets on IoT and interactivity with new releases

Sony today announced a series of launches focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT). Check each one in detail.

An 4K TV that lets you turn off the lights in the house or order a pizza with voice commands. a mini system which lights up the party and can serve as an electronic drum for those who want to follow the music drumming. These are some of the novelties that the product line Sony, to be launched in June in Brazil, is bringing to the market.

The launch of the products, this Wednesday (05/16), started with a presentation of taiko, the traditional Japanese drum. Only that instead of drums, the percussionists used portable stereos and a Box of the line Muteki, the size of two barrels of beer stacked.

Then the company president in Brazil spoke, Kenichiro Hibi, which praised the company's record growth last year, when it reached revenues of US $ 77 billion. Then came the flood of launches. Unfortunately, the prices of the majority have not yet been released.

The bet of Sony for this year 4K. "In 2017, 4K TV sales growth was 80%, which shows that the Brazilian has already adopted the new format", said Marcelo Gonalves, director of marketing for the company. For the first time, an 85-inch model of the XBR line, Sony's premium models, arrives in Brazil.

The great novelty of the new models, in addition to the 4K resolution and OLED – that they'll come with Android 8.0 installed, which allows you to use the voice command of Google Assistant for a series of actions: from playing a movie on Netflix to ordering a pizza. For now, the functionality can only be executed in English, but it will soon be available in Portuguese as well, since the Assistant it has already been located in our language.

There are only two 4K models: XBR OLED A8F, with the 14-bit X1 Extreme processor, which promises to reproduce 16 times more colors than the HDR standard, at 55 and 65 inches and the XBR X905F at 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches. The 85-inch model is already on pre-order with the suggested price of R $ 33 thousand.


4K is also a trend in projectors. According to Gonalves, the search for ?4K projector?Surpassed that of?Full HD projector?On Google last year. To meet this demand, the Sony will bring three projectors in Brazil. The models VPLVW760ES, VW360ES and VW260ES differentiating more horizontal cinema formats, such as 16: 9 and Cinemascope. The top-of-the-line model, the VPLVW760ES it has laser lighting, which makes the white of projectors using conventional lamps look like a dirty yellow.

THE Sony will also enter the labor market pico-projectors, appliances the size of a smartphone to be used … with smartphones. O MP-CD1 has images of up to 120 inches and measures just 83.0 x 16.0 x 150.0 mm. It can be used with any device with HDMI output and has enough battery for two hours of use. Now on sale at Sony's online store for R $ 3,300

Unbeatable sound

The line Muteki (unbeatable in Japanese) returns to Brazil with some exclusive innovations. The flagship is a 1.70 meter earthquake, the MHC-V90DW, with colorful lights that change according to the beat, capable of turning any living room into a boiling track.

Big but also intelligent, brings the services Chromecast and Spotify Connect embedded. It allows gesture control, just pass the hand in front of the panel to play or stop a song. Your Spread Sound Generator and 20-angled tweeters spread the music better around the environment. Can be controlled remotely with apps Music Center and Fiestable. It is possible to synchronize up to 10 V90DW to increase its power.

Your little brother, the MHC-V71, has a touch panel on the top that can be used as a kind of electronic battery. The models MHC-V41 and MHC-V21 complete line 1 BOX. The company has not forgotten the more conventional models, called 3 BOX, indicated for those who want a sound to plug into the TV. It is bringing two new models, the MHC-M80D and MHC-M60D, with HDMI input and DVD compatibility.

Portable Speakers

The new portable boxes SRS-XB41, SRS-XB31 and SRS-XB21 they also bring the batucada function, or better, Party Booster, which turns the device into a hand drum. The function Wireless Party Chain, allows you to synchronize up to 100 such boxes, which have up to 24 hours of party.

Noises canceled

Headphones bluetooth only the future. According to Sony, in two years they will be almost 80% of the market, putting the current wired headsets in the trash can of technology history. She is bringing seven new models of headphones soon.

The top of the list WH-1000XM2, considered by specialists as the best phone with noise cancellation from the market. THE Sony He also managed to extend its usability with a great gesture trick: bring your hand close to the phone and the noise canceling is canceled so you can hear what your interlocutor is saying.

Alpha Cameras

THE Sony says your billing with cameras in Brazil it grew 300% in 2017 due to three factors: it brought more camera models to the country, more lenses (25 different models) and the increase in video production for web and social media. For this year, she is bringing two more models, the Alpha 7M3 and the Alpha 73, both with a compact body, full frame sensor and capable of recording 4K video.