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Smart Ring: technology at your fingertips

Learn all about the main Smart Ring models and their main features and availability in Brazil

Have you heard of Smart Ring (?Smart ring?, in Portuguese)? So, imagine only having several technological resources available in just one ring. This is already a reality. Know in this article a little more about these objects, how they can help you in your daily life and maybe become a item of future.

After the evolution of smartphones over the years that transformed the device into a true portable computer, it was the turn of technology to reach even smaller items, such as smart watches, which in addition to showing the time, are responsible for performing other tasks such as calculations, translations and games; smart wristbands with monitor fitness and sleep tracker, alerts and unlocking Android; and smart glasses used for a multitude of tasks: videos, photos and augmented reality.

Person using a smartphone and smart ring - Smart Ring movit The Smart Ring is another step in technology towards the future

Now, I mean, not so much now … technology has also arrived at an even smaller item: the ring. That's because the first model was made available for sale in 2013 by the English company McLear.

What is a Smart Ring?

A smart ring is a ring that has some type of technology installed, be it a chip or NFC sensor, which works as an optical heart rate monitor or accelerometer.

Many of them have the option of being synchronized with the smartphone or computers via Bluetooth, to store this tracked data, whether through an app or website. Some operate with a cloud system, which eliminates the need to work with any connected device.

There are currently a variety of models on the market. These objects track sleep, heart activity, pulse rate, etc. It is also possible to use it to make payments close to a specific terminal, to unlock locks or to control appliances when making gestures.

MCLear smart ringSmart rings facilitate electronic payments and dispense with the physical use of magnetic cards

With these functions, it eliminates the need to carry credit cards, door keys and maybe one day, documents such as a driver's license. In addition, it notifies the user of incoming calls and emails and also measures steps, distances, sleep, heart rate and calorie control.

The design of the smart ring is usually quite bold, but it can bother some people, because it is not as thin as an ordinary ring or an aliana. But, a matter of taste, perhaps because of what it has to offer, the discomfort is even worth it.

Some Models

O Oura it has sensors to measure pulse, movement and body temperature. It also has a battery on-board and a microcontroller. This technology is mounted between a coating of carbon titanium and hypoallergenic material.

Oura Smart RingOura Models

It has three options: silver, black and matte black. It is 7.9 mm wide and 2.55 mm thick, weighing between 4 and 6 grams. With just a single charge, it lasts up to five days. The model costs between 253.23 and 337.90, about R $ 1,100.00 and 1,400.00. It is not available in Brazil.

O Motiv OPN contains an antenna and an NFC chip, which can be used to unlock devices and digital port locks. Its cost is US $ 199.99 (about R $ 760.00), but it is also not available in Brazil

Smart Ring MotivModel not yet available in Brazil

Both provide the option for you to test a mold with various sizes, then order what you want. This in view of the preference of each one. Some prefer to use it on the index finger, others on the middle finger. So something is necessary to do before the acquisition.

O McLear Ring a ring that has the option of payments and does not need to be carried. You add your bank card information to it and an application that allows you to track your spending and have better financial control. Its cost is 129.00 (about R $ 650.00), but it is not available in Brazil.

Smart Ring McLearWith an application you can track expenses

O ORII Ring has been on the market for some time and promises to be like a smartphone on your finger, allowing you to send messages, make calls and use a voice assistant on your finger. Its cost is estimated at US $ 199 (about R $ 770.00) but not available in Brazil.

A real smartphone, available on your finger

O Jakcom Smart Ring V3 the only one available for purchase in Brazil, by Submarino (R $ 249.99) or Americanas R $ 211.10). The ring can connect the card reader, share information and operate with functions to improve health and human performance. of pure titanium, without the need for cargo and water proof.

Smart Ring JackomModel is available in Brazil

Policas and future

In the past ten years, several companies and startups were born with the goal of creating smart rings that will revolutionize the way we work and play. However, many of them faced financing problems, in the project and even technological challenges, legal disputes and even stories of failure in which the prototype did not go ahead.

At one point, it seemed that no company would be able to create a smart ring with useful technology, according to the market experts themselves.

Today, they have not yet reached their peak, but little by little they are proving that they can be something relevant for the future. Regarding the future, it is still uncertain to say how much these devices will please the consumer and become popular.