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Sharing your location in real time on Google Maps

Share your location in real time with Google Maps and make life easier for your friends and family

Incredible as it may seem, not long ago, contact with people was not as simple as it is today. From the moment your child, spouse or family member leaves home, there was no way to know your location until they decide to contact you.

It turns out that with the democratization of technology, smartphones and apps are able to monitor you in real time. How Google Maps you have the possibility to share your location live, temporarily or permanently, with the people you trust. This means that they can check at any time where you are via the app on your phone or the website on your computer.

The most important thing is that, in addition to the real-time location, it is also possible to see how much battery you have left, as well as, if your device is off, your last known location.

And the best part? everything is very simple and quick to set up. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to share your location with Google Maps.

Step by step to share your location on Google Maps

Before we start configuring sharing, it is important to note that only mobile devices are capable of transmitting the location in real time. Therefore, the entire procedure must be done on your cell phone.

Step 1: First, open the Google Maps to iOS or Android on your cell phone and click on 3 strokes in the upper left corner to open options;

Click Share Location

Step 2: click in Share location is at Start;

Start sharing your location with your family

Step 3: On this screen you can choose the time and the people with whom you want to share your location. The standard 1 hour, but you can customize more or less on the buttons next to it, or leave it on until you manually deactivate it.

As for who to share, you can choose from those on your contact list or choose an app like Gmail or the posts to send a private link. You can also choose to copy the link to your Transfer Area to be able to share however you want.

Here you choose the sharing time and with whom or where you want to share your location.

Step 4: Chosen with whom and for how long, open a window for you to enable local sharing on your account Google. Click activate and you're done. Your location will already be available to the chosen person.

Step 5: If you want to stop sharing your location, just click on the bottom bar with the name of the person or the application to stop seeing your location.

If you want to end the sharing, click the blue button.

View the location of the person you shared with

Another interesting feature of Google Maps the option to request for the person you have shared also allows you to see your location. Thus, both will have real-time access to their locations, remaining battery and last known location. it is a great facility for occasions like meeting friends at a party or concert.

To enable simple. When you finish the sharing procedure, you will see a message stating that the person is not sharing their location with you. And right below you will see the option to request the location. Then click Request and wait for confirmation.

If you want to end the sharing, click the blue button.

Share a route and your destination via Google Maps

Another very interesting feature of Google Maps O travel sharing. With it you can authorize someone to accompany your entire journey and know the estimated time of your arrival at the destination. Here's how simple to do.

Step 1: Open the Google Maps and choose the destination of your trip;

Choose the route and start.

Step2: Start the route. Drag up the bottom bar where your travel time is shown and select Share trip;

Click Share trip

Step 3: Then select the contact with whom you want to share your trip or select the application you want to use to make this sharing;

Choose the desired contact or the application.

Step 4: If you want to stop sharing after you?ve reached your destination just drag the bottom bar again and click Stop sharing.

Finally, when you reach the desired location, stop sharing

Easy, isn't it? another great tool brought by smartphones to reassure parents, family and friends. Leave it in the comments if you know this feature and have used it with someone.

O Google Maps is available for platforms Android and iOS.