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SEMP TCL announces news for Brazil and promises smartphone-bracelet for 2020

SEMP TCL brought to Brazil a new line of smartphones, smart air conditioners, foldable gadgets and bet for the 8K smart TVs market

At an event in So Paulo, SEMP TCL announced several innovations to the smartphone market and smart TVs. First announced during the CES 2019, the company confirmed the arrival of TCL X10S QLED 8K smart TV, bet on the 8K TV segment. In addition, the SEMP TCL revealed several new features in the foldable gadgets sector, as well as its debut in the air conditioning market.

Focus on integration through IoT and Artificial Intelligence

Before the announcement of new products, SEMP TCL commented that he currently operates in 5 market segments: smartphone, TV, audio, home appliances (products that apply to home, in literal Portuguese) and, the most recent entry, air conditioning. The company is actively working to integrate all of its products through the Internet of Things (IoT), making its solutions even more intelligent thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

In order to always be evolving and offering maximum integration for consumers, the SEMP TCL maintains a partnership with Google, which brings the best of connectivity to the company's solutions, such as Android, Android TV and Google Assistant.


Increasing its portfolio of TVs in Brazil, the company confirmed the launch of X10S QLED 8K, second model with 8K resolution to arrive in the country – The line QLED 8K, gives Samsung, was the pioneer. The bet of SEMP TCL arrives on the market with the same type of panel in Quantum Points as the models of Samsung, Android TV as an OS, and Google Assistant support.

The company lands for the first time in the air conditioning market with the T-Smart and Elite line, with the promise of freezing the environment in just thirty minutes. Expanding the portfolio of smartphones in the country, SEMP TCL made new models of the L and C line official, focusing on cameras, gaming power and infinite screens. The foldable gadgets were also the target of novelties, with the company announcing its new projects for the future. Check out more details about the ads made by SEMP TCL:

Smart TV TCL X10S QLED 8K 75 ?

TCL X10S is the second model with 8K resolution launched in BrazilTCL X10S is the second model with 8K resolution launched in Brazil

THE TCL X10S was first announced during the CES 2019earlier this year and the SEMP TCL had confirmed its launch on Brazilian soil for the second half of 2019. As promised, the new line was made official and focused on connectivity, with support for Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Roku TV (exclusively in the United States). All this ensures complete navigation by voice, in addition to the possibility of controlling other devices connected around the house as if it were a hub.

In addition, the SEMP TCL keeps the partnership with Google here, and the Android TV remains the OS chosen to control the TV. O Android TV has grown a lot in the last few years, offering today more than 1000 content providers streaming available through the Google Play Store, in addition to more than 5000 applications developed exclusively for TVs.

The TCL X10S smart TV still features Dolby AtmosThe TCL X10S smart TV also has Dolby Atmos and Quntico Points panel

In audiovisual, you can expect excellent TV performance. With 8K resolution and Dolby Atmos sound, the X10S 8K also bring an integrated sound bar from Onkyo, which has speech recognition to work even when the TV is off. Scheduled for release in the second half of this year, the model has a suggested price of R $ 22,999.00.

T-Smart and Elite line air conditioners

The national market has a strategic role for the expansion and consolidation of the use of the brandThe national market has a strategic role for the expansion and consolidation of the use of the brand

Announcing the line composed of complete models for Brazil, with 9,000, 12,000, 18,000 and 24,000 BTUs / h, the company enters the air conditioning market. As one of the countries with the largest consumers of refrigeration appliances, SEMP TCL brought to Brazil the model T-Smart the line of success, Elite.

As the name already suggests, the T-Smart has smart air, and, according to the company, it can cool an environment in 30 minutes and warm up in 60 minutes, besides being easy to install. The Elite line, in turn, super quiet and its design made with a focus on durability and robustness.

The announced models of the Elite series will be sold at prices starting at R $ 1,199.00 and will arrive in September of that year. There is no information on the price of T-Smart.

Smartphones C9 Plus, L10 and L9 Plus

In the age of social media, a device with high performance is extremely necessaryIn the age of social media, a device with high performance is extremely necessary

THE SEMP TCL has not forgotten the fastest growing market over the years: that of smartphones. The new models announced are focused on the intermediate and basic public, but without neglecting premium aspects, such as infinite screen, camera for quality selfies and competent processor for games.

The most powerful in the line L O TCL L10, which features an octa-core processor, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. At the rear, it comes with two 13 MP and 2 MP sensors, and a 5 MP front. The company confirmed the Android 9 Pie in the model, with 5.5 inches screen and 3,000mAH battery. There was no informed price and the launch will be soon.

TCL L10 brings 3 GB of RAM and infinite screenTCL L10 brings 3 GB of RAM and infinite screen

O TCL L9 Plus, in turn, brings the same processor with eight cores L10, but only comes with a rear camera of 8 MP and front of 5 MP. The battery is also smaller, with only 2,460mAh, and has the same 5.5 ?screen. The launch of TCL L9 Plus be in October and its suggested price of R $ 699.00.

5 MP front camera ideal for group selfies5 MP front camera ideal for group selfies

Finally, the C9 Plus the evolution of C9, launched last year. The model has as differential its giant screen of 6.52 inches, one of the largest available in Brazil, with HD + resolution, ideal for games and watching movies. The hardware set is also powerful, bringing an octa-core processor with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage, which is more than enough to store photos, videos and Apps.

The triple camera set (16 MP + 8 MP + 5 MP), and on the front, there is only an 8 MP sensor for selfies. To handle all the processing, the battery is also large, 4,000mAh. The C9 Plus arrive in Brazil in November this year.

C9 Plus smartphones with the largest screen on the marketC9 Plus smartphones with the largest screen on the market

Foldable phones and tablets

In addition to the launches, SEMP TCL is working on concepts for foldable smartphones and tablets, including a phone concept designed to act as the bracelet, wrapping the users' wrist. Announced in MWC 2019, the company revealed more information about the technology behind its foldable phones. Specifically, he said that his flexible devices would use his own technology DragonHinge.

Foldable gadgets were also the subject of the eventFoldable gadgets were also the subject of the event

Although the company was not very technical about the technology, it said it uses special mechanics designed to fold and fold smartphones and tablets in various ways, so it should provide effortless movement on foldable phones. DragonHinge technology will be used in combination with customized flexible AMOLED displays that will be provided by the company's partner SEMP TCL, called CSOT.