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Samsung reveals its numbers for the last quarter of 2019

Samsung reveals its numbers for the last quarter of 2019

Its leadership could only be threatened by Huawei, but we know that the US trade embargo caused some problems for the company throughout the year, not enough to overtake Apple, but rather, they kept the company away from Samsung's leadership.

Either way, Huawei remains big mainly in the 5G segment. THE Samsung recently announced its results for the fourth quarter of 2019.

In the last quarter, operating profit was around $ 25 billion. Its sales reached US $ 214 billion.

Although these are numbers we can't even imagine, the company ended the year with a 34% drop in profits for the last quarter of 2019.

Throughout 2019, Samsung's total revenue was $ 823 billion. Operating profit was $ 99 billion. Fourth-quarter profit fell slightly compared to the previous year due to the drop in the screen segment and also a drop in the prices of memory chips.

Interestingly, the demand for memory has increased especially for those used in mobile products and servers. The smartphone segment, as they would say by, goes very well, sheltered! And that's what really helped Samsung's declining numbers not be bigger.

For this year, Mobile Business can be more profitable with the next premium models that are about to be launched. More smartphones and devices with 5G are also expected.

Obviously, the entry of foldable smartphones will also help business growth. No matter how expensive the folding smartphones are, there is a market for them, remembering that after announcing a day of sales of the Galaxy Fold in Brazil, Samsung sold all available units.

The foldable smartphone category may have slow progress, but this year, the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip are expected to keep Samsung the leader of the segment. Foldable screen technology can improve even more, so that more people are attracted to the idea of ??a foldable device.

Samsung will focus as expected on its foldable smartphones and also on the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines. General demand for smartphones and tablets increased in the quarter, but revenue for the last quarter of 2019 was lower than for the same period in 2018.

Demand for 5G devices is also believed to increase significantly. New foldable devices can also be introduced and, eventually, help to leverage Samsung numbers.

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