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Samsung files new Odyssey Mixed Reality patent, mixed reality glasses

THE Samsung has already launched two versions of its virtual reality glasses, the Samsung Odyssey Mixed Reality. Recently a patent has been registered with a Chinese body, indicating that a next generation may be on the way. The images in the log show the design of the product and also reveal some features they may have.

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Understand the concept of this technology and how it promises to change our lives

The design registered in the patent demonstrates that this model will be less discreet than the old versions. In the eyes, the glasses resemble an insect. It is also possible to notice a headband, in addition to more complex audio systems, which help to make the device more robust, and they should also improve the quality of the sound emitted. You can check the patent images by clicking on the icons below:

Samsung mixed reality glasses can be used in a way that virtual reality can be confused with real life. They are based on Windows, which indicates that many games sold on Steam, for example, can be displayed using the technology. As the product of the company's Odyssey gamer brand, they tend to have high prices.

One difference that you can see in the images released is that the form of adjustment has been improved. In previous versions there is a rotating mechanism at the rear to adjust the device on the user's head. According to the images, the system of the new model is adjustable to the sides and can be pulled from the inside out. Possibly the reason for the change to facilitate use, making the adjustments easier to make.

Something that draws a lot of attention in the new model is that its vision design will be very different from previous versions. The first Odyssey had a straight front, while the new model appears with more "bouncing" parts. This new style was probably made for improve the field of vision, allowing the experience to be even more immersive.

There are some buttons that can be recognized. The best known, which is already present in previous versions, are those for adjusting the volume. They are located at the bottom of the device. There is also another physical button added, but the patent does not specify what its function will be. According to Let's Go Digital, they can be used for IPD configuration.


device brings new technologies and applications compatible with Windows Mixed Reality

The patent also reveals that the third generation of Odyssey has dual front camera. This is used to accurately determine the position of the glasses, in addition to the controllers, called "internal tracking. It also comes with qfour cameras attached to your body, which should ensure much more accurate tracking.

The previous model arrived in Brazil costing R $ 3499. The new model is expected to follow this price range. It has not yet been revealed when it will be its official launch and also what is the possible date for the beginning of sales worldwide.

Via: Let's Go Digital. [TagsToTranslate] samsung