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Rupert Grint joins M. Night Shyamalan; Apple closes production order for Kevin Durant

Little by little, new news about ?Apple Studios? is appearing and its launch, scheduled for some point of next year (March, according to the most reliable sources), is getting more awaited. Let's take a look at the most recent ones.


We commented here on "Swagger", the Apple series that focuses on the life and youthful experiences of basketball star Kevin Durant. At that time, however, production was still in the design phase; now, as informed by Variety, Ma has given the go-ahead for its first season.

As we said, the series is being written, directed and produced by Reggie Rock Bythewood ("Fired Shots"), who also play the role of showrunner. Imagine Television, CBS Television Studios and Thirty Five Ventures (Durant's own company) will join Apple in the role of producers of the program, which has no release date or cast yet.

Rupert Grint

Rupert Grint, the eternal Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter films, is also joining one of Ma?s original productions more specifically, the psychological thriller being developed by M. Night Shyamalan (?The Sixth Sense?) and Tony Basgallop (?24 Hours ?).

Rupert Grint

As the deadline, Grint will have a supporting role in the series, which still has no name or storyline disclosed all that we know that it revolves around first-time parents who hire a babysitter to take care of the new baby. Grint live the protagonist's brother in the series; Lauren Ambrose (?Seven Palms?) and Nell Tiger ("Game of Thrones") are already in the cast.

Shyamalan will serve as the series' executive producer and direct his first episode; Basgallop wrote the entire first season and also served as an executive producer. As usual, we do not yet have an expected launch date.

Paramount / Netflix

Finally, a note that is not directly linked to Apple, but that can greatly influence the world cinema scenario (and therefore, Ma's plans): Paramount signed a contract with Netflix to produce multiple films released directly on the platform streaming agreement similar to that made between Apple and A24.

Taking into account the novelty, the Hollywood Reporter published an interesting analysis talking about the changing paradigms in the movie and serial market: while Warner and Disney close on their own platforms, other big stadiums, like Paramount or A24, open up to third-party solutions, indicating that they are starting to recognize the power of new players in the market (like Apple and Netflix). One day, therefore, these stadiums may cease to be the epicenter of cinematographic production and become simply suppliers of content.

Of course, there is a whole discussion about the value of art and the death of the cinema experience behind it to what extent, for example, films will continue to be seen as works of respect and not just another video file played randomly on a service. in streaming for you (not) to watch while cutting potatoes in the kitchen. The fact is that things are changing and we can only wait to see how they will look.

via 9to5Mac, Cult of Mac, iPhone Hacks