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REVIEW: Luigi’s Mansion 3 (Switch), a frighteningly good game

A high quality game, Luigis Mansion 3 arrives on Nintendo Switch as the best of the franchise; check out our complete analysis

Luigi finally received its first title in high definition. Luigi?s Mansion 3 It is an adventure with visuals that impress from start to finish, in addition to adding elements that show that the series has a lot of space to shine and avoid sameness. Ghost hunting has never been so much fun!

A welcome third title

Ultraviolet steel light in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, for the Nintendo 3DS.Ultraviolet steel light in Luigi?s Mansion: Dark Moon, for the Nintendo 3DS.

The third game, which carries only the number three in its title, was launched on October 31. The game maintains the structure presented in the previous games, but it still fits several new features that do not tire the player during the entire playing time. We obtained a personal copy of Luigi?s Mansion 3 and you can see our complete analysis.

Technically impressive

As tradition in the series, Luigi believes and accepts an extremely suspicious invitation to stay in a luxury hotel. where the whole plot of Luigis Mansion 3 it happens, with each floor of the accommodation having its own theme, almost totally different from the others. The result is very diverse scenarios, which do not get boring and make the player surprised by the creativity of the developers from beginning to end.

What could go wrong, anyway? Nothing to worry about.What could go wrong, anyway? Nothing to worry about.

Luigi take with you Mario, Peach and three Toads, in the hope that I will have some time to enjoy. The gang enters an amazing situation in which the fearful green plumber will have to gather the courage to save his brother and friends. The details of the story will also be deleted in this text to preserve the reader's experience.

Luigi's Mansion 3 has great light effects.Luigi?s Mansion 3 has great light effects.

The first thing that stands out in Luigis Mansion 3 certainly your look. THE Next Level Games he did exquisite work with art direction. Even the Nintendo Switch being a considerably less powerful machine than Playstation 4 and Xbox one, the work done in this launch in parts is equivalent to games from competing platforms.

The highlight is the lighting of the game. Luigi he always has a flashlight in his hand, which illuminates the environment and its objects as the protagonist moves or takes aim somewhere. The care with impressive details, and results in reflections and shadows that are formed with a realistic aspect, at the same time that the cartoon style of Dark Moon is present.

A castle inside a hotel? possible in Luigi's Mansion 3.A castle inside a hotel? possible in Luigi?s Mansion 3.

Each floor of the hotel has several environments to explore, and Luigi can interact with virtually all objects present. Thus, the player must make use of all available tools to search for secrets in the scenarios. Eventually, with the right interaction, ghosts appear to haunt Luigi, which yields hilarious animations and sounds.

The animations are very well done, and sometimes give the impression of being a film by Pixar or DreamWorks, even outside cutscenes. Details such as the sewing of Luigi's clothes or the textures of carpets, furniture, walls and floor reflections form a very good job.

Each scene in Luigi's Mansion 3 has details to be noticed.Each scene in Luigi?s Mansion 3 has details to be noticed.

In the sound, Luigis Mansion 3 it also shines. The protagonist, voiced by the always excellent Charles Martinet, often makes sounds of astonishment or hums the background music, which gives a hint of good humor that is difficult to see in games outside the city. Nintendo. For the reader who has not yet played, here is the tip of using good headphones to get the most out of this masterpiece.

Throughout the gambling, Luigis Mansion 3 maintains a constant frame rate at 30 frames per second, either in portable mode or connected to the TV. As for resolution, another highlight: 1080p on TV and 720p on the TV screen Nintendo Switch, with possible decreases in these numbers when the graphics effects demand a lot of the hardware capabilities of the console.

Turn on the headphones.Turn on the headphones.

Updated gameplay

As expected for a new franchise title, new gameplay were added to Luigis Mansion 3. In addition to the iconic vacuum cleaner, this title borrows from Luigis Mansion: Dark Moon the possibility of flashing a strong light from the lantern to interact with some objects in the scenery and, mainly, to stun ghosts before starting suck them up.

Also from Dark Moon, Luigi an ultraviolet light is available, which serves to reveal hidden objects or ghosts. Paying close attention to the essential environment to do well in Luigis Mansion 3.

Use a vacuum cleaner to suck ghosts? Why not?Use a vacuum cleaner to suck ghosts? Why not?

However, the most interesting addition of Luigis Mansion 3 the referred copy of the protagonist, called Gooigi. This character, which can be activated almost any time in the game, has the same abilities as Luigi, but takes no damage from piercing objects and is vulnerable to water.

No water for Gooigi.No water for Gooigi.

When activating Gooigi, the player no longer controls Luigi to dedicate yourself to the new character, being able to activate or deactivate it whenever you want. Almost all the challenges of Luigis Mansion 3 they are assembled so that it is necessary to use both.

With two characters, it is possible that at any moment a second player connects (locally) for cooperative gambling, which yields a lot of laughs when solving puzzles.

Lastly, Luigi (and therefore also Gooigi) has the ability to take a small leap, driven by the vacuum cleaner aimed at the floor, and to hit the ghosts on the floor and against each other, which causes them a great deal of damage. This new skill is somewhat polemic, since on the one hand it makes the game easier, while on the other hand the battles against ghosts do not extend for long periods, in addition to allowing several creatures to appear at the same time. Check out the video Nintendo posted to explain the new mechanics.

Luigi's expressions of fear are very funny.Luigi's expressions of fear are very funny.

The only negative factor to be pointed out in Luigis Mansion 3, and that consequently is reflected in the campaign and in the multiplayer mode, the little variety of ghosts. This is not a very long game, but the biggest in the series is big enough to make the fight against common ghosts (excluding bosses) a little boring, since the ways of defeating them are almost always the same.

For up to 8 players

Luigis Mansion 3 it has modes aimed exclusively at multiplayer gambling. The way ScareScraper puts up to eight players connected to the internet (with the possibility of up to two using the same Nintendo Switch) to fulfill some goals on randomly generated hotel floors.

It is very easy to find players willing to play ScareScraper, and the connection flows well, with rare gagging. However, it is worth criticizing a modification in relation to the previous title. In Luigis Mansion: Dark Moon, which also had the same online mode, with each challenge won the game raffled off an improvement item that would be used on the next floor, and more skilled players were more likely to be drawn. Luigis Mansion 3 it does not have this characteristic, and it does not take long for the sensation of repetition to appear.

Luigi's Mansion 3's ScareScraper mode.The ScareScraper mode of Luigi?s Mansion 3.

There are also three multiplayer modes aimed at local gaming, on the same Nintendo Switch. In this option, called ScreamPark, up to eight players can play together, in teams of Luigis versus Gooigis. The three modalities are simple to understand, but that doesn't make them any less fun.

In Coin Floating, the characters are in a pool and fight each other to see who collects the most coins. In Ghost Hunt, wins the team that gets the most points when capturing ghosts. Finally, in Cannon Barrage, teams need to work together to shoot cannonballs and hit all targets within the given time.

The multiplayer modes of Luigi's Mansion 3 are pure mess, which guarantees fun.The multiplayer modes of Luigi?s Mansion 3 are pure mess, which guarantees fun.

Although so far nothing has been detailed, the Nintendo has already confirmed that the two online modes will receive additional paid content in the future. Regardless, the game already has content to entertain for many hours.

A game for everyone

Whether you?re a longtime fan of electronic games or just a gamer who likes to enjoy uncompromised gaming, Luigis Mansion 3 has enough content to arrest you.

Its visuals are impressive, the scenarios are elaborated to the point of making a haunted hotel seem full of life and it runs smoothly on TV or in portable mode, whether online or offline.

Nintendo's typical good humor is present in Luigi's Mansion 3.Nintendo's typical good humor is present in Luigi?s Mansion 3.

Despite having some points that prevent you from being perfect like the little variety of ghosts and the change in ScareScraper, Luigis Mansion 3 is an exclusive Nintendo Switch game that is recommended for all those who wish to have fun with a silly smile on their face when stopping to enjoy a good video game.


  • Impressive lighting effects;
  • Sonoplasty that helps to maintain the good mood of the game;
  • Memorable boss battles;
  • Well built scenarios;
  • Multiplayer for up to eight players.


  • Little variety of ghosts;
  • ScareScraper mode lost a fun feature present in the previous game in the franchise.

Luigis Mansion Nintendo Switch Note: 9.0