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REVIEW: Is Hero 8 Black worth it? We tested the new GoPro camera

GoPro preferred not to mess with the winning team and launched the Hero 8 Black with few design changes, but improved features

Steel cameras have had their boom in the industry and the GoPro was the one that stood out in the market with the line Hero. After an excellent job with Hero 7 Black, a GoPro avoided major changes, but brought with Hero 8 Black an evolution in both hardware and software to give more quality, stability and practicality to the user.

A novelty in relation to Hero 7 Black stay with ?Mods?, accessories that give Hero 8 Black Professional-quality audio, front display and enhanced lighting. For users looking for extra performance, the modules allow the camera to be transformed into a production center.

During a month, the Hero 8 Black was my travel companion and adventures, and in the next lines you can see what I found from the steel camera GoPro.

Design and construction

Design has not undergone major changesDesign has not undergone major changes

THE GoPro does not change the line design Hero since the fifth generation, but it has been improving its durability with each model. Although 10g heavier and lighter compared to Hero 7 Black, a Hero 8 Black won a reinforcement in the lens glass that offers twice the shock resistance, in addition to small foldable fittings (called folding fingers) at the bottom to leave it standing.

Another novelty in the new generation that Hero 8 Black you no longer need a protective cap to dive in the water, but we recommend that you purchase one. Even with a more resistant tempered glass, it will not be possible to change the lens glass if it breaks, which can give you a headache.

THE Hero 8 Black added a microphone to the front of the camera with wind reduction, which serves to better capture any audio that happens in front. In addition, there is a front screen for selfies, ideal for vloggers.

Special Mods

Mods are the biggest highlights of Hero 8 Black Mods are the biggest highlights of Hero 8 Black

If you youtuber and want to have a setup complete in the palm of your hand, the Hero 8 Black the ideal product for you. The great highlight of the new camera that it can be connected to so-called Mods (or modules, in Portuguese), accessories that optimize the camera's audiovisual resources.

There are only three: the display module, a larger rotating screen that has its own battery and can be folded when not in use; the media module, a frame that adds a 3.5 mm input, a microphone, an HDMI output and two shoe mounts to connect other accessories; and the lighting module, which can project 200 lumens of light onto anything within 1 meter.

Software and resources

THE Hero 8 Black updated several features that were already present in the Hero 7 Black. The camera features the same GP1 processor as the previous version, but an improved variant that allowed to extract more stabilization performance and energy savings.

O HyperSmooth 2.0, video stabilization technology that debuted with Hero 7 Black, is present in Hero 8 Black available in all resolutions and frame rates. What was already excellent in the previous version is much better in the new generation. It offers three stabilization modes: On, High and Boost. The first two cut 10% of the wide lens angle to reduce the image balance, while the boost mode focuses on more extreme footage, with an even smaller angle.

O HyperSmooth 2.0 comes with stabilization features for slow motion footage recorded at 120fps and 240 fps, but the Boost mode is limited to frame rates of 60fps and less.

Play: GoPro

It is not necessary to use gimbal and only in some scenes it needs to stabilize in the video editing program. However, we noticed a malfunction during the night in low light.

O TimeWarp 2.0 it has also been updated and now better time-lapse clips while the camera is moving. The feature has a new automatic gap detection that uses a built-in accelerometer to add more frames when there is a lot going on and spread them out during breaks.

Play: GoPro

Speaking of resources, if you?re not very familiar with steel cameras, the Hero 8 Black one of the easiest to handle and find your ways. The touch screen is just swipe left or right to access photo or time lapse modes, in addition to swiping up and down to access saved settings or photos and videos.

GoPro app

THE GoPro developed a refurbished app for Android and iOS so that you can edit your photos and videos in a much easier way. Its interface is very simple and it will practically only have three areas for you to browse: a camera control section, a media library with clip editing and a fast movie maker.

A novelty that the new app brought together with the Quick editing software. The editing section of Quick Story has 10 selectable themes to choose from and add an opening title, a closing animation and an appropriate backing track.

The transfer to your smartphone or computer has also been improved. You can transfer short videos (between 230 mb) via Wi-Fi in about thirty seconds. For larger videos, we recommend using the USB-C to USB cable, as the transfer rate is much higher.

Image and video quality

THE Hero 8 Black has a 12MP sensor and records 4K images at up to 60 frames per second, including 100 Mbps for the first time. It records 240 frames per second at 1080p for filming in super slow motion and still capable of transmitting live the 1080pcompared to the transmission of 720p gives Hero 7 Black. In addition, you can take pictures in .RAW format, ideal for editing.

As for the quality of the images, we were surprised by the records in outdoor environments with natural lighting. The colors gained more vividness thanks to the enhanced HDR, and the photos did not darken so much against the sun.

Video recordings in outdoor and bright environments also follow the same quality as the photos. The recordings are very stabilized thanks to the update of the HyperSmooth 2.0, making records of climbing adventures, trails and vehicles appear to be gliding.

The only problem here is indoors and with more challenging lighting. Despite a better night mode, the Hero 8 Black it loses sharpness and gains some undesirable noises.

Even with a sensor, the GoPro added 4 digital lenses to Hero 8 Black that can give images a new perspective. They are:

The microphones have really been improved in the new generation, the biggest highlight being the additional one including the front. Thanks to the reduction of noise, the winds are drastically reduced, making the audio very clear.


The autonomy of GoPros has never been a highlight and, despite being smarter, the Hero 8 Black it was no exception. It has a 1.220mAh battery, which is slightly larger than the Hero 7 Black, but it also consumes more energy because it has more powerful extra features. It is also worth remembering that batteries from previous generations are used for Hero 8 Black, but a resource limitation alert is shown.

In our tests, the battery lasted about 55 minutes when recording video in 2.7 or 4K resolution at high frame rates. Decreasing to Full HD at 60fps, for example, it is possible to extend this duration to two hours. If you go out on a trail in the morning and intend to return only late, know that a double battery is extremely necessary or save on photos and videos during the day.

Another detail that disappoints the camera loading time. Even with a USB-C port, it takes about 3 hours to charge the entire battery.

Final considerations

In a team that doesn't win, they move and Hero 8 Black it?s more like a Pro version of Hero 7 Black with Mods than a new generation of steel cameras. Both photos and videos are more professional, thanks to the stabilization feature HyperSmooth 2.0 enhanced and the HDR much more present. The design did not change much, but the extra protection on the lens is very welcome, although we still recommend the purchase of a case for more extreme activities.

The main downside remains battery life, which, even slightly higher Hero 7 Black, has more resources and consumes more energy. It is highly recommended that you have at least two extra batteries for a whole day away from home.

If you are a casual user and already have a Hero 7 Black, the upgrade may not make a significant difference as it still has excellent image quality and decent stabilization. Stabilization is one of the best on the market and video recordings support 4K with HDR.

Now, if you are a content creator and want to be more practical when recording, Mods can be an excellent choice for you, as it adds a recording setup to your hand. They are sold separately – and they are not so cheap – but they are still great additions for vloggers.

Liked GoPro Hero 8 Black? Leave your opinion in the comments! It is costing R $ 2,519.10.

ModelGoPro Hero 8 Black
Video4K 60fps1080p 240fps8x slow-motio78 Mbps
StabilizationHyperSmooth 2.0
DisplayFront and rear
Voice Control14 commands
Dimensions63 x 45 x 33 mm
ConnectionHDMIUSB Type-C
StorageMicroSD Card
Drums1220 mAh
ExtrasSupport for extra media and display accessories and light
PriceR $ 2,519.10.

Is Hero 8 Black worth it? We tested the new GoPro camera
  • Design and construction – 9.5 / 10
  • Screens – 9/10
  • Microphone – 10/10
  • Image quality – 8.5 / 10
  • Drums – 6.5 / 10
  • GoPro app – 10/10
  • Software and resources – 9/10
  • Stabilization – 9.5 / 10
  • Accessories – 8.5 / 10

8.9 / 10

Final considerations and cons and cons

The GoPro Hero 8 Black is a natural evolution from its predecessor. It has more image quality and video thanks to the intelligent processor, in addition to much better stabilization with HyperSmooth 2.0


  • Lighter and more resistant design;
  • Front screen for vloggers;
  • premium audio with wind reduction;
  • Image and video quality;
  • Improved stabilization;
  • Simple and intelligent software;
  • App with editing tools.


  • Battery has very low duration;
  • Very long charging time;
  • Images sin in indoor and poorly lit environments.