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REVIEW: Huawei Watch GT, the perfect smart watch for sportsmen

With impressive features, the Huawei Watch GT is very cost-effective. However, ask for some extra functions to become totally smart; check out our review

After embarking on the Brazilian market with their smartphones, Huawei arrives with its segment wearables (smart wearables, in literal translation) in the country with Huawei Watch GT. Following in the footsteps of Samsung, the company ruled out using the Wear OS to use your own system called LiteOS. The very simple reason: to make the battery life reach the impressive mark of 30 days of use on a single charge.

But does he really last all this? THE Huawei provided us with the Watch GT for testing and you can find below our complete analysis of the company's (almost) smart watch.


O Huawei Watch GT impresses at first sight, with a very premium design for the amount charged. There was a concern to leave the Watch GT very robust and beautiful, mixing aluminum and ceramics, giving that attention to details. The front bezel has numbers studded around it, leaving it with a traditional watch appearance.

Overall, the smartwatch very comfortable to wear, the rubber strap didn?t bother you during long periods of use, which is important for a device made to be with the user throughout the day, including during sleep.

Huawei Watch GT appsAMOLED screen on Huawei Watch GT impresses with its definition and vibrant colors

The screen AMOLED in 1.39 impressive, and I venture to say that the best screen present in a smartwatch sporting until then. The resolution 454 x 454 present here is bigger than the present in most competition watches and delivers very vivid colors and well-defined images, even in the sunlight. O touch screen It is very responsive and easy to use, even if your hands are sweaty or wet, an important factor for a sport watch.

There are also two interactive buttons on the right side of the smartwatch that allows the user to navigate through the menu without using the touch screen. The upper button works to turn the watch on / off, turn on the screen and return to the home screen; the bottom button is designed to be configured on shortcuts of your choice, allowing the user to easily launch their most used applications while on the run, for example.

Performance and system

While previous models of smartwatches company came equipped with a chipset from Qualcomm, the company does not make very clear the specifications present in the Watch GT. However, navigation through the system LiteOS extremely fluid and very fast. During testing, the smartwatch it didn't crash or took more than 1 second to open an app.

In particular, the GPS he served me in an exceptional way, synchronizing quickly with the smartphone and allowing the running and walking reports to be accessed instantly by the user. However, the GPS he struggles a little to find himself in shopping centers with many buildings, making the walking line a little far from reality, but nothing that spoils the experience as a whole.

Huawei Watch GT fitness appGPS integrated in the Huawei Watch GT is very accurate and makes the physical activity report more detailed

Where the Watch GT more stands out, also its Achilles heel. The extremely simple system and lacking applications due to the lack of the system WearOS. The company's own system, the LiteOS, does not support third-party applications, which means that functions such as payments via NFC, music and notepad apps that are part of the app ecosystem already available for smartwatches, get away from here.

The system is so simple that it is not possible to perform basic tasks such as controlling smartphone volume, answering messages and making calls – even notifications from non-native applications on the smartphone connected to the Watch GT suffer to fit on the clock screen.

Huawei Watch GT close-upThe premium construction of the Huawei Watch GT is impressive, the level of detail makes it a smartwatch with a great cost-benefit ratio

With all these limitations, the watch becomes a wearable with a few touches smartwatch It is made solely and exclusively for the sports public, which excludes a good part of users who want a ?smartphone extension?, in fact.

Fitness Apps

The central app for the sports public called Huawei Health, where detailed reports on physical activities, heartbeat and sleep are shown. What impresses here is the high level of detail in these reports. The sleep function is one of the most interesting, as it accurately shows the duration of sleep with the division of light sleep, heavy sleep and sleep REM, in addition to showing the number of times you woke up. At the end of this report, there is still a score for sleep and tips on how to improve it.

Huawei Watch GT heart rate monitoringConstant and very accurate cardiac monitoring, the function consumes very little battery

In addition, the Huawei Watch GT shows graphs of your runs with heart rate, pace and altitude monitoring throughout the exercise, compared to other days and showing your progress. Not only races, but several other physical activities are monitored with such excellence as walking, climbing, cycling, swimming, triathlon and many others.

The user also does not have to worry about getting his Watch GT wet, as the watch has a water resistance certification in even impressive 50 meters deep.


Here where the Huawei Watch GT really stands out with ease from its competitors. The company claims that the watch can hold up to 30 days away from the outlets on a single charge. After two weeks of use, the battery dropped around 57%, an incredible brand taking into account the high definition screen and continuous heart rate monitoring.

However, for more active users of all functions that the watch can provide as reports in fitness apps and GPS in constant use, the battery can last for around 2 weekss, which impresses nonetheless.


it is difficult not to compare Huawei Watch GT with past models and their competitors, and there is a return to certain points that are very important for the composition of a smartwatch. However, for what the company proposed, the wearable more than welcome with the various options for the sports public for the price charged.

Huawei Watch GT overviewThe Huawei Watch GT may not be a complete smartwatch, but quite competent in what it proposes

O Watch GTIn addition to being very beautiful on the wrist, it has high levels of detail to monitor your health and exercises exquisitely in a product with a very premium finish. Even while keeping a good portion of the public that seeks to extend the experience of a smartphone to the clock, the Huawei shows that the Watch GT a great cost-benefit for those who want to have a high quality product.

O Huawei Watch GT can be found at retail for the price of R $ 1,349.00 in dark green and red.

Huawei Watch GT specifications

ModelHuawei Watch GT
Dimensions46.5 x 46.5 x 10.6 mm
WeightApprox. 46 grams
ScreenAMOLED 1.39 inches454 x 454 pixels
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.2
SensorsAccelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Heart rate sensor Ambient light sensor, barometer
DrumsUp to 30 days of use
Water resistanceYes, up to 50 meters deep
Bracelet colorsDark Green, Orange
PriceR $ 1,349.00
  • Design – 9/10
  • Performance – 8.5 / 10
  • Systems and Applications – 5/10
  • Drums – 10/10

8.1 / 10