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REVIEW: Devialet Silver Phantom, very high fidelity sound

We tested the impressive Silver Phantom (DB245), the wireless speaker manufactured by the French Devialet. Check out the complete analysis.

THE Silver Phantom a speaker wireless, of very high fidelity, developed by the French manufacturer Devialet. The model does not require the use of home-theaters or additional sound systems and can work in conjunction with 2 or more speakers Devialet, distributing the sound in an environment or in the various rooms of the house. The appeal here is clear: powerful audio without distortion, mounted on a device that intends to be a design cone. Check out the complete analysis about the product below:


  • High fidelity sound, without distortion, from 16Hz to 25kHz;
  • Wireless system (WiFi or Bluetooth), with the possibility of combining up to 24 similar boxes;
  • a design piece for the room;

Negative points

  • The heavy set (12 kilos);
  • There is no operating indication LED;
  • Google Cast is not supported;

HiFi audio: what?

HiFi is both an audio recording standard and an objective when making boxes and stereos.

Hi-Fi or High Fidelity (high Fidelity, in free translation) the name given to the category of audio devices and special recording formats, with loudspeakersmade with high quality materials and internal structure with a view to reducing resonance, interference and mechanical sounds. The objective is that the device has minimal influence on the original recording made in the studio, being as faithful as possible.

The audio recording itself is done in a particular way, resulting in larger files than traditional MP3 and without compression, with the use of a codec or recording format calledFLAC (acronym meaning Free Lossless Audio Codecor Lossless / Compressed Audio Codec), the same present in music services Hi-Fi like Tidal. To understand in depth what are the differences in the HiFi standard, we recommend a visit to this post.


Devialet Silver Phantom DB245: made to be shown.

Here, it is clear that the Devialet he doesn't want you to hide your speakers in the room. On the contrary, they are made to become a design cone of the environment, with a futuristic aspect and beautiful contours. The main piece is all white, with the moving areas (the boxes) in silver (therefore, the ?Silver?In the model name). There is no LED indicating that the box is turned on, which may be a little confusing for first time users. But, whenever you turn on Phantom, the side boxes ?vibrate? to inform that it is on.

Because it is small, the set can be placed on a hack, table or even on a stand. But, remember that it is very heavy, reaching almost 12 kilos, and somewhat delicate (the silver boxes can crumple if you support or hold them incorrectly). See how it is positioned on a special trip, the Treepod, sold separately:

Image of Phantom on a trip, the Treepod, sold separately

According to the importer, the model was also made for outdoor environments, with protection against splashes and dust. The hermetically sealed interior, with a military construction. Of course, don't overdo it, but the Silver Phantom you can take a shower every now and then.

Main Features (and Audio Performance)

Any similarity to the game ?Portal? is a mere coincidence.

O Devialet Silver Phantom comes to impressive and 3,000 watts of power. The model was manufactured with materials designed to maintain sound fidelity, while delivering bass with physical beats (the boxes were made to vibrate with the reproduced sound). Altogether, there are 88 technology patents applied to Silver Phantom, like the Active MotorCosferical (ACE, acronym in English for Active Cospheric Engine), an extravagant way of describing the spherical shape of the device, designed to transmit sound uniformly throughout the environment. THEDevialet says that this shape was inspired by ?Olson's impulse sphere?(Harry Olson was a pioneer of acoustic design), which the company calls? perfect acoustic form ?.

The system also uses a hybrid amplifier with analogue and digital technologies (ADH), designed to bring the power of analogue amplifiers to Class A the minimum size of digital amplifiers from Class D. Another technology present Speaker Active Matching (SAM) thought to bring precision in the details of the reproduced audio. Along with technology DSP ownership, this set makes the sound created in estdiocombine precisely with each of the drivers of the Phantom, In real time.

Unlike traditional sound systems, if you use a recording or track in the correct codec (the FLAC without compression, which we discussed above), it is possible to increase the sound of this box to its maximum, without loss of quality or risk of damaging it. Clean sound, without distortion or saturation, with levels that go 16Hz to 25kHz (750 Watts to 3,000 Watts). Supported audio formats areAAC, AIFF, apt-X, Apple Lossless, FLAC, HE-AAC, MP3, OGG, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, WMA.

Supported Devices

Phantom Spark App Android ioS Windows Mac osx

Being one wireless device (wireless, in free translation) Devialet Silver Phantomcan work as dock or speakerconnected network WiFi from the house or directly by Bluetooth supported devices. Of course, if you prefer, you can still connect this box to a stereo or TV with optical input, or use a networkEthernet.

To control it, the company provides an application called Devialet Spark.It is available for OS 7+ (iPhones and iPads), Android 4.4+, Windows 7 +, including the new Windows 10, and computers and notebooks with Mac OSX 10.9 or higher. The app is reasonably well made and serves both to assist in the box installation process, as well as to select audio from a personal library or streaming service preferred. Among the options are several worldwide radio stations and servicesSpotify, Deezer, Tidal, Pandora, Apple Music, QOBUS and SoundCloud. Although the company does not offer native support for Google Music or the Google Castit is possible to use it via the traditional Bluetooth channel of the smartphone.

WiFi perfect, devices connected by Bluetooth like a computer with the Windows 10 and smartphones Android they needed re-registration to work. In these cases, software updates may bring improvements in the future.

If money is not the problem, it is possible to integrate up to 24 boxes of these Phantom to work together, via WiFi. Thus, they can all work in one environment or spread around the house. In this case, you will also need a wireless connector called Dialog Hub, developed by itself Devialet, which controls the boxes similarly to what you see in Philips Hue lamps.

Spark: app brings compatibility with smartphones, tablets and computers.

Price and availability

Yes, quality and first-rate materials come at a cost. And that makes Devialet Silver Phantom it is a speaker for those who love high fidelity audio and do not mind paying the price of the technologies necessary to achieve it. The model sold on Brazil,in stores and authorized distributors indicated in this link, with an approximate price of R $ 20,000.00R $ 17,990.00 (updated 02/14/2017).


THEDevialet Silver Phantom a unique speaker, a milestone in the quality of wireless audio. However, not everyone who needs so much quality or is willing to pay so much for a sound system to the house. So evaluate: if the cost weighs on you, remember that a good home theater can be found for prices well below this. But if money isn't the problem, TheSilver Phantom is the right choice to ensure a perfect high fidelity audio experience.

To learn more, check out the promotional video and then the list of technical specifications for the model:

Technical Specifications

These are the complete product specifications:

Model:Silver Phantom (DB245)
Manufacturer:Devialet (Made in France)
Power:3,000W (peak), 105dB / 1m sound pressure, THD 0.001%
Frequency Response:16Hz to 25kHz (2dB), 20Hz to 20kHz (0.5dB)
Connectivity:Dual Band WiFi IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n, IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet), IEEE 802.3u (Fast Ethernet), IEEE 802.3z (Gigabit Ethernet), Bluetooth, PLC Homeplug AV2, Optical Input (Toslink optical input)
Supported Systems:Controlled by the app Devialet Spark, available for iPhone / iOS 7+, Android 4.4+, Windows 7+, Mac OSX 10.9+
Audio formats:AAC, AIFF, apt-X, Apple Lossless, FLAC, HE-AAC, MP3, OGG, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, WMA
Color:Whitewith silver boxes
Dimensions (W x H x D):25 x 25 x 34cm
Weight:12 kg
Price:USD 2,399.00abroad, without local support/ BRL 20,000.00 in Brazil, supported by technical assistance.
Distribution:Devialet do Brasil

Gallery of images:

For more information, check out the official Devialet website.