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REVIEW: Apple AirPods Pro, the best companions for your iPhone

AirPods Pro represented a significant change in both design and technology compared to AirPods 2. But is quality better? We count on this review

Better late than never, the Apple launched a version of AirPods, wireless headphones from the company, with active noise cancellation (or noise canceling, in English) at the very end of 2019. The headphones received a completely new look, which differs from the design so characteristic and famous of recent years, in addition, the model equipped with chip Apple H1, which promises better integration with other company devices and allows Siri to be more intelligently activated by voice command.

We analyze the AirPods Pro gives Apple for a few weeks and we can say that noise cancellation technology is not the only highlight. Read on to see what we think:

Design and use

AirPods Pro received a soberer and lighter design compared to the previous generationAirPods Pro received a soberer and lighter design compared to the previous generation

The new ones AirPods Pro represented a disruption in the design so characteristic of the Apple. Exits the format earbud to make room for the in-ear, ideal for isolating much of the external sound. This, in practice, not only makes the headphones more firmly in the ear, but makes the device more discreet.

And just when you see the new ones AirPods Pro for the first time it is possible to realize that the Apple developed something much less flashy about the AirPods 2, but without losing the identity of the line. For example, they remain white without much detail, they are lighter, thanks to an air inlet and outlet system that helps to equalize the pressure, and the stems are shorter, which gave the headphones a more sober look, but elegant.

In the ears it looks less flashy, but still beautifulIn the ears it looks less flashy, but still beautiful

Instead of a capacitive sensor, like the one present in Galaxy Buds or WF-1000XM3, a Apple decided to include physical boats on the rods to control the lanes and enable / disable noise cancellation. Initially, it is a little uncomfortable to access the button, due to the smaller stems, but with the usual time. A problem that comes with the buttons is the lack of haptic click, such as a vibration when touching or executing a command, as it would be better to identify when the action is done.

There is also no volume control on the outside of the AirPods Pro, lacking for the convenience of not having to pick up your iPhone to increase or decrease the music. This is a solution that its main competitors already bring, both in software as an option and in the headphones themselves, that Apple I didn?t bring it to your headphones.

In the box, the AirPods Pro accompany two extra soft and flexible silicone rubber of different sizes, very welcome for you to define which one fits your ears best. They are tapered inside and adjust to the shape of your ear, preventing the headphones from going out of place. Incidentally, through your iPhone, you will be able to identify if the rubbers are insulating the external sound correctly.

Only three different size rubber for you to choose the best one for your earsOnly three different size rubber for you to choose the best one for your ears

In addition, they can be used without any problems during some physical exercises thanks to the IPX4 certification, which means that it can withstand rain and sweat in a good way. During the tests, I trained with the AirPods Pro for hours and its performance was not impaired in any way. It is also worth mentioning that, even when running on the treadmill or riding a bicycle, the headphones were not slippery.

Software and Siri

Connection made as soon as the charging case is openedConnection made as soon as the charging case is opened

The AirPods Pro connect to your iPhone or iPad in the easiest way possible: just open the case close to a device and it will make the connection – then just confirm. After the connection is made, the headset icon will appear on the iPhone, just click and hold to open the Bluetooth settings. It is here that you can customize which commands each button performs, choose usage profiles – cancel active, disabled noise or environment -, or do the sealing test of the tips.

AirPods Pro sealing featureAirPods Pro sealing feature

One of the novelties in the hardware of AirPods Pro the H1 processor, which acts both in sound quality and in interaction with Crab. You can use it to make calls, change songs, search for content on the Safari and many other voice commands, just speak "Hey, Siri" and carry out the command.

However, there is still no phone true wireless that we tested, with the exception of Sony WF-1000XM3, that does this in a really useful way. For example, you can increase the volume of music by voice commands, but not always the Crab can understand us and has a considerable time before the request happens. By the process, it is much easier and faster to get the iPhone pocket and do it manually.

Sound quality and noise cancellation

The AirPods gives Apple they have always been a sign of quality, and when a new generation receives the name "Pro" the expectations become very high. After all, do headphones outperform their predecessors? The answer is yes. With up-to-date drivers, in general the songs have more present bass, in addition to the clearer mid and high frequencies. This makes the Apple great for electronic music.

The vocals bring a wealth of details and, even at maximum volume, it never really breaks. Already the balance of frequencies, it is essential to highlight all the elements equally in your ear, it is good but it lacks details.

The biggest differential of the new generation is noise cancellation. Technology increasingly present in wireless headsets, the solution of Apple fared much better than I expected, causing the outside world to disappear as soon as I activated the feature. impressive to see a very busy street being reduced to very low noise when we put the AirPods Pro in the ears. In fact, during our auditions with him, there were countless times when I walked on the street wearing headphones but with no music playing, just because of the silence he provided.

Noise canceling is one of the best we've testedNoise canceling is one of the best we've tested

Another highlight of AirPods Pro the Transparency feature. Thanks to the microphones inside them, you can hear someone talking about the ?outside world? without disabling noise cancellation or pausing the music.

And speaking of the microphone, the quality of reproduction is decent and very clear. Despite a low incidence of noise, the headphones put a compression on the voice that does not leave it metallic, something common in other headphones true wireless like the Galaxy Buds.


In numbers, the Apple ensures that AirPods Pro have an autonomy of up to 24 hours, counting on the charge of the headphones and the charging case. Only the headphones guarantee about 4 and a half hours of duration with noise cancellation and Transparency activated, and this was proven in our tests. As you are likely to walk with AirPods Pro with these features turned on, good to leave the case ready to receive the headphones when you stop listening.

In relation to the case, it is more compact than the previous version, which facilitates transport in the pockets. Its sober and smooth design, and there is only one LED on the front that indicates charging. That is, if you want to see how much battery your AirPods Pro still have, I need to unlock your iPhone. Case loading happens from UBS-C to Lightning, which is not a problem – unless you have a smartphone Android.

Small charging case has an LEDSmall charging case has an LED

According to AppleIf you happen to run out of battery in both the headphones and the case, you can get an hour of charge with just five minutes of charging. During our tests, he surprised with just over an hour of use. Remember that it is compatible with wireless charging, so even if you have a smartphone Android and no Lightning cable will be able to recharge the case.

Final considerations

Finally we have the answer from Apple to headphones true wireless with noise cancellation. The AirPods Pro they represent a real evolution from the previous generation in both design and technologies. They are much more comfortable and lighter, as well as less flashy.

Furthermore, noise cancellation is simply incredible, competently isolating you from the world. Not to mention the sound quality, which has very powerful bass and clear medium and high frequencies.

If you are a loyal user Apple and has a iPhone with iOS from 13.2, know that the AirPods Pro they are the definitive headphones for you, as it will be possible to take full advantage of the system's resources and functionality. If you want to use them on smartphones Android or PRAÇA And yet he liked the headphones, no problem because the connection is made in the same way and the quality remains.

course, as it is a product of Apple, you pay to have, in addition to the noise cancellation, the status mark of the company, and not so cheap. For R $ 1.999 you take an excellent wireless headset home with brand Apple. If money isn't an obstacle for you, heaven is the limit.

Liked the new ones AirPods Pro? Leave your opinion in the comments!

Apple AirPods Pro, the best companions for your iPhone
  • Design – 9/10
  • Use – 8.5 / 10
  • Software and Siri – 8.5 / 10
  • Sound Quality – 9.5 / 10
  • Noise cancellation – 10/10
  • Microphone – 9/10
  • Drums – 9.5 / 10
  • Charging case – 9/10

9.1 / 10

Final considerations and cons and cons

Aie arPods Pro are Apple's answer to the wireless headset market with noise cancellation technology. They represent a break from the well-known and covered design of the old AirPods and add technologies that have improved – and greatly – the sound quality


  • Less flashy appearance;
  • Lighter design;
  • Extremely easy connection with the iPhone;
  • Powerful bass and clear medium and high frequencies;
  • Powerful noise cancellation;
  • Long-lasting battery;
  • Light charging case;
  • Extra protection rubbers.


  • Stems too small;
  • Physical buttons instead sensitive to touch or pressure;
  • Lack of haptic sensor to feel the action being taken;
  • Siri understands, but it takes a while to execute the action;