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Removing your Google Play account from a smartphone

Learn to organize and remove the devices that are connected to your Google Play account

If you have more than one smartphone or tablet connected, your account on Google Play that you no longer use, one of the most important steps, apart from the backup, of course, is to remove it from your list of devices displayed on your profile. This is a very common practice for organizing which devices are currently connected to your Google Play accountin order to avoid any fraud or purchases without permission at the store Google.

With that in mind, we decided to make a tutorial teaching you how to remove these devices that you no longer use from your account (note that this removal will actually hide from your list of devices, since the Google Play does not allow complete removal of the device list).

It is also worth noting that iPhones and iPads used to access the Gmail they are registered and can go through this procedure as well.

Removing your smartphone from your Google Play Account

Step 1: Open the Play Store in your browser and click on the small gear icon in the upper right corner of the page, the direction will already be direct to the Settings page;

Play Store homepage

Step 2: On this page you will see the Email Preferences options and the My Devices list, where your smartphones connected to the Google Play, along with all other devices that were connected to your account at some other time;

Account settings on Google Play

Step 3: Choose the gadgets that you prefer to keep appearing on the list and available to download and install apps keeping the checkbox in the Visibility column, checked, and for those who don't want to see it anymore, just uncheck it. Anytime you want it can be undone;

Gadget visibility and unmarking

Step 4: Click Edit to assign a new name for the device, since the Google Play defaults to Unknown device or device model, so you can recognize which device, smartphone or tablet, is listed. This needs to be done on one device at a time.

Editing the information displayed

Step 5: After renaming your gadgets, click the Update button on the right side to save the changes, which are universal and will be applied to all services Google, that is, all your smartphones and tablets in your device listing will also be renamed in the Compatibility List of Play Store and on all other services automatically.

Field to rename the gadget and finish editing

By following these steps, you will be able to leave your device list on Google Play more organized, especially if you are a technology consumer and make sure to have the latest releases with Android or Apple every year.

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Source: AndroidPIT