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PROOF D 'GUA DRONE with 4K camera – Meet SwellPro SPRY +

THE SwellPro another Chinese drone company, but different from many others, it specializes in products with protection against water, and I'm not talking about "water drops", they can even be submerged and if the water condition allows, even do some takes down there, crazy in?

Official SwellPro SPRY + Link for purchase at the SwellPro store

We received from the company the SwellPro SPRY +, its most compact model and aimed at those looking for a drone for shooting water sports, whose main need is a product that does not end up "drowning", as it would probably happen with many models. The SPRY + is a drone designed to withstand even being submerged without problems. SPRY + is an enhanced version of SPRY and is priced at $ 987 dollars on the company's official website. It was sent by DHL and taxed at R $ 1,200.

As other highlights, a 4K 30fps camera with the possibility of filming in slow motion at FullHD resolution. It also has a control with display that eliminates the need for a smartphone, and just like the drone also has protection against water. The promised flight range of up to 17 minutes, speed of up to 70km / h with a control distance of 800 meters and support for FPV glasses, even the company recommends this form of control despite the display with the view of the drone in control.

This video is just an unboxing and first impressions, for the review we will need to do some tests in good conditions, in fact, bad in fact, to say yes if the result is what promised by SwellPro. : D