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POWERbot VR7200: 5 advantages of Samsung's robot vacuum cleaner

Discover 5 advantages of the POWERbot VR7200, Samsung's smart robotic vacuum cleaner that is available in the Brazilian market

THE Samsung it has a complete line of household appliances and smart electronics that facilitate people's daily lives in different ways. One of them, recently launched in Brazil, was the indito POWERbot VR7200, Samsung's first robotic vacuum cleaner launched in the Brazilian market. It has a voice guide available in Portuguese and 13 other language options.

In addition, this robotic vacuum raises the concept of intelligence by updating the consumer on programming and cleaning modes. If you still don't know or don't know how it works, we have separated some advantages of this product so that you better understand its functionalities.

Control the distance

POWERbot VR7200 can be controlled by Smart Things.Like other Samsung smart products, the POWERbot VR7200 easily connects to the Smart Things App.

The first thing that calls attention to the possibility of being controlled by the application Smart Things, available on smartphones Android and iPhones. It is possible to start, stop, change the juice levels, check where it cleaned and set various cleaning schedules.

In addition to being able to control and monitor your robot vacuum from anywhere, the user also has the functionality of a remote control so that you can control it in person. O POWERbot VR7200 updates the consumer on their situation and the programming and cleaning methods, issuing warnings in case of any error or problem – in Portuguese.

Camera at the top

Visionary Mapping 2.0 of the POWERbot VR7200.Visionary Mapping 2.0, a camera on top of the robotic vacuum for complete mapping of the environment.

Unlike other models on the market where there are cameras on the front or even on the bottom of the robotic vacuum, this model from Samsung has a system called Visionary Mapping 2.0, which has a camera on the upper part of the body that maps the environment and finds the best way to clean the floor. It also has the FullView Sensor, which accurately examines a wide area, so he knows exactly where to go and avoids even narrow spaces and small objects.

The robotic vacuum also has an optical sensor at the bottom and a three-axis gyroscope, which improves the accuracy of scanning the environment by creating a more detailed map, optimizing cleaning time. There is also the possibility of cleaning a single point in the environment, with the feature called Point Cleaning, which uses the remote control. Just point the light in front of the vacuum cleaner and it will follow to the place to perform the cleaning.

Self-Cleaning Crusher

POWERbot VR7200 Self-Cleaning CrusherSelf-cleaning shredder to solve problems with animal hair or hair.

The self-cleaning crusher in the center and on the sides of the brush grind any hair or animal hair that would normally curl in the brushes. After crushing, the smaller parts will be vacuumed, so you don't have to worry about manually removing the POWERbot VR7200 .

It also has a feature called Edge Clean Master, created to completely clean the corners of the rooms. Your bristle brush is very close to the front of the vacuum cleaner. It's the Auto Shutter automatically lowers to create a barrier that helps to suck up more dust.

Extra-slim design of the POWERbot VR7200.Compact size that allows cleaning under sofas and beds.

The size of the POWERbot VR7200 it was made to clean even in places that are difficult to reach much more efficiently, such as under sofas and beds. It is only 97mm high, which puts it in front of other models available on the national market.

THE Samsung informs that its brush design with a width of 278 mm, 35% greater than conventional brushes, and its juice power 40 times greater than other vacuum cleaners, make the POWERbot VR7200 manage to clean better and in a short time.

Battery life

THE Samsung it also guarantees good battery life for the robotic vacuum cleaner. When it is low on charge, it is programmed to automatically return to the charging base. When it is fully charged, return to its last location and continue cleaning where it left off.

Available in Rose Gold color, the POWERbot VR7200 arrived in Brazil in August and is available from R $ 4,999.00 in the main retail stores in Brazil and on the official website of Samsung.

What did you think of POWERbot VR7200? Would you use it to clean your house? Leave it in the comments!