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Poolside is an internet journey from the 1990s

The aim of the Poolside website is to put a smile on users through an interactive journey to the time when the Internet was taking its first steps. Yes, that time of mIRC and Napster, far from the entrance of social networks and digital services in our lives.

The website is basically a desktop of any Mac or Windows 95, with several features that you can use, with emphasis on the video player (Poolside TV) and the music player (Poolside FM). These run low quality videos, similar to the first multimedia files that were shared in the old days. And the music is also from that time.

tek poolside

All widgets can be opened and organized on the desktop to the user's taste, so the website can basically serve as a companion while working. You can follow Poolside Instagram in a window with the same retro atmosphere, as well as using tools such as the notepad and a project merchandising store. You can also change the theme funds in the options available.

And remember when websites were part of the Guestbook? Where users registered and left a presentation message. Here it is also possible.