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One Control: Understand how it works

Understand how One Control works, remote control of the new Samsung Smart TVs that can control all the devices in the room, such as home theaters, TVs and cable TV sets.

Since last year, we can say that Smart TVs they went from the ?novelty? and ?not yet very practical or easy to use? status, to really practical devices that can integrate several devices, channels and services in a simple and more intuitive platform (or interface). Switching from a cable TV channel to a serial episode streaming on Netflix, for example, there will be 2 or 3 clicks. That seemed impossible (or too slow in the past), didn't it?

New features that make the experience of using a Smart TV as easy as using a smartphone. In fact, with connectivity, processors and similar memories, these devices are increasingly similar. Remembering the practicality of mobile interfaces, the Smart Hub, name of the initial screen of the television's operating system Samsung, it brings in a single screen with all the information, where it is possible to choose the equipment that are connected to the TV or to access the last episode of a series that is following and to watch it exactly from the point where it stopped last time. This entire process can be done with just two or three touches on the remote control.

The user can customize as they like, so that they have quick and easy access to the most used applications. To control all of this, another recently introduced feature One Control. As you imagined, this is a Remote Controlthat sold together with the best Smart TVs brand (currently available on 2016 4K HDR devices with quantum dots from Samsung), which can be used to control almost all devices that are connected to the device. This means that, with this feature, a single remote control can command the Pay TV, Home Theater, Blu-Ray, among other equipment.

Automatic Configuration: just connect a TV set, and One Control recognizes it as command.

Automatic configuration, occurring from the moment a new equipment is connected. THE Samsung Smart TV identifies the device and visually shows which input it was plugged into. From this moment on, when selecting one of these devices, the TV remote control itself will control this device.

Our platform Smart it has been a revolutionary step in the world of televisions, which makes it an even more intelligent and integrated system. The operating system of Samsung enriches the entertainment experience of our consumers and enhances the future of home entertainment, says Erico Traldi, Senior Manager of Audio and Video at Samsung Brazil.

Another highlight of the synchronization of Smart TVs with other devices. In other words, your TV can connect with other devices developed for the Tizen system, such as smartwatches (among them, the Gear S3) or even solutions for other types of equipment such as air conditioning, washing machine, among many others.


The convergence with the smartphone starts when the consumer installs his television. When you turn it on for the first time, the device detects that there is a smartphone Samsung and requests permission to use device information to set up Wi-Fi and other accounts needed to use the Smart TV. This process to set up a new TV using this convergence takes no more than a few seconds. Watching the television image on the smartphone screen, or using it to choose which series you want to watch on your Smart TV, is also something possible through the convergence between these devices.

During CES 2017, we saw this concept in practice on various devices such as refrigerators, washing machines and even robots that automate house functions, such as cleaning the floor or mowing the lawn.