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On iOS 12, Siri will be able to control Spotify… or almost so

One of the very interesting new features of iOS 12, revealed last Monday, were the Shortcuts (Shortcuts), that I will give more ?powers? ??to Crab.

It is not yet known exactly to what extent users will be able to carry out automation, but something noticed during one of the sessions of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 excited many: an action ?Play Media? allow the user to order for Siri play audio or video content from third-party apps. This means that it will be possible to make some assistant requests and it will enable direct playback on services like Spotify.


But as not everything is flowers, Siri's interactions with third-party services will not work as well as with Apple Music, of course. For example, before you ask to play any playlist or artist in another app, you need to have created a shortcut so that Siri can recognize your order and open it in the app chosen in the automation.

In other words, basically it will be necessary to go through ?manual? work, only then to enjoy the integration of the assistant with streaming. Still, it is better to have this resource than to remain as we are, without any kind of integration.

For this to be possible, however, Spotify will need to integrate its app with the changes of iOS 12. Considering that this would be a great opportunity to go head-to-head with the service streaming Apple's music, do you think the company misses this chance? Although, so far, no Spotify app for the Apple Watch is something that was even expected to be presented during WWDC18 week.

Shortcuts are not yet available for testing, but as they are basically a native version of the Workflow app (acquired by Apple in early 2017), some people are already doing automations to simulate how this feature would look:

Well, that's amazing

Are we really going to start using Siri more from these shortcuts? I can't wait to see the possibilities that the resource brings!

via TechCrunch