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Now it will be possible to use Snapchat's Friendmojis in iMessage

If you think that Memoji they are not enough, another form of interaction based on stickers similar to your image (or not) is coming to iMessage. This is because Snap made the right decision to take his famous Friendmojis out of Snapchat or, more precisely, to Apple's instant messenger.

Snap's Friendmoji at iMessage

In case you are lost and, honestly, very understandable, I explain: the Friendmojis just a special version of Bitmojis (the figurines that look like you), from Snap, where your dolls interact with those of your friends. So far, the Friendmojis they were exclusive to the Snapchat app, but now they are finding their way into the outside world.

Soon, the Bitmoji keyboard for iOS will also show the option to send Friendmojis through iMessage; for that, the keyboard must be connected to your Snapchat account. For privacy reasons, the keyboard cannot know who you are chatting with to automatically suggest Friendmojis with that contact in question; to find them, you must select your friend from a list or search for him within the keyboard.

According to Snap, the resource will reach the application in the coming days.

Bitmoji app icon

via CNET