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Now it is possible to put password on WhatsApp on iPhone

Put on password at the WhatsApp Messenger it has always been in high demand among iPhone users. And today, finally, the application added this feature through an update, in the version 2.19.20.

WhatsApp Messenger WhatsApp Messenger

I will say again what WhatsApp is always behind the Telegram Messenger (where we have a channel and group), because once again the competitor has been offering this security / privacy option for years!

The development team used iOS tools that allow you to integrate Touch ID and Face ID into applications. The idea is to use the iPhone's own unlock code to access WhatsApp. Therefore, the password is not registered in the application or sent to another location; everything remains on the iPhone, built into Apple's security system.

In Telegram you can also unlock with Touch / Face ID, but you need to create a part code (which is also only locally, on the iPhone).

How to activate the password to access WhatsApp

Since you must already have the lock code and Touch / Face ID configured on the iPhone, simply activate the option within the WhatsApp application.

To do this, open WhatsApp and go to Settings Account Privacy Lockscreen, and activate the option as in the image below:

So, if you leave your iPhone unlocked with someone, that person will not be able to open WhatsApp and access your conversations. For it will be necessary to authenticate with your fingerprint or face, or iPhone lock code. Thus, you have more privacy and security.

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