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New TCL Mini-LED wants to challenge OLED TVs at CES 2020. Discover the technology

The new Mini-LED technology promises to challenge the supremacy of OLED, producing brighter colors and regional dimming with smaller LEDs. Know the technology

THE TCL, a big name in the television market in the world, marked its presence in CES 2020 with the promise of announcing a strong competitor in the field of technology OLED, gives LG. The next generation of the panels Mini-LED reach the TVs of the series TCL?s 8 series of the company, which has a launch date only for October, but the first glimpse of the novelty can already take place during the first technology conference of the year.

With the promise of optimizing contrast, the technology Mini-LED can offer the best of both worlds: superior image quality LCDs traditional and more affordable price than OLED. Too early for conclusions, but the TCL intends to move the TV segment in 2020.

Understand how this technology works and how its expected arrival with such expectation:

Better light and contrast

Mini-LED technology that can boost the LCD on the marketMini-LED technology that can boost the LCD on the market

To better understand what technology Mini-LEDIt is necessary to understand the basics regarding the standard LED, at least as far as your TV is concerned. Within all modern LCD TVs (that is, all TVs that are not OLED or QLED), there are a few hundred light-emitting diodes, and these small devices emit light when you supply them with electricity and are in use. They vary in size – they are usually about 1 millimeter, but can be less than 0.2 millimeter.

On some TVs, the LEDs are on the edges, pointing inward. In others, the LEDs are behind the screen, pointing at the viewer. To improve image quality, especially to appreciate the high dynamic range (HDR), local dimming is required. This is where the TV dims the LEDs behind the dark sections of the image to create a better contrast ratio between the light and dark parts of the image.

In theory, it is possible to darken each pixel enough to create a contrast ratio. so for example like the OLED it works. With the LCD, however, it is much more difficult to do. The liquid crystal display that creates the image only blocks the light created by the backlight. Not all light can be blocked; therefore, the image is grayer and has less "impact" than with OLED.

Difference from OLED LCD / LED screensDifference from OLED LCD / LED screens

There is no LED for each of the more than 8 million pixels on a 4K TV. Instead, there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of pixels for each LED (or more precisely, groups of LEDs called ?zones?). There is a limit to how many LEDs you can press on the back panel of a TV before power consumption, until heat production and cost become severely limiting factors.

Mini-LED is not the same as MicroLED

First of all, it is necessary to make it clear that MicroLED and Mini-LED they do not perform the same functions and their costs do not come remotely close to each other. The first promises brighter projections and is less susceptible to natural wear and tear, although its great advantage is precisely in the projection of extremely tiny LEDs, large displays such as the Crystal LED gives LG or The Wall gives Samsung.

The same does not happen with Mini-LED TVs. While in scale, its LEDs are much larger, its technology appears on comparatively smaller TVs. THE TCL intends to deliver the technology at 65 and 75 inches respectively.

Like the standard TVs we find in stores, it also makes use of LCD technology, a liquid crystal display, capable of modulating light in order to create an image. MicroLED not at all LCD, a new technology that also makes use of LEDs.

Standard LED QLED OLED Mini-LED MicroLED
Size From 15 inches From 32 inches From 55 inches From 65 inches From 146 inches
Price 65 inches 800 dollars 1200 dollars 2500 dollars 2000 dollars Does not have
Brands All Samsung, TCL LG, Sony TCL Samsung
LCD technology Yes Yes At the Yes At the

Giant feats with Mini-LEDs

Mini-LED appears as the most affordable alternative on the marketMini-LED appears as the most affordable alternative on the market

Although there is no accepted limit, LEDs smaller than 0.2 mm tend to be called Mini LEDs. They are usually 0.1 millimeter or less. However, not too small: at about 0.01 mm, they are called MicroLEDs.

With LEDs so small, the theory that they consume less energy, making it darker. Even though the technology of smaller LEDs does not yet offer total pixel darkening as the OLED produces, by darkening parts of the screen with much more precision, the overall contrast ratio apparently increases.

As LED technology improves, they become more efficient. New technologies, new manufacturing methods and other factors mean that the same amount of light is created using less energy or more light using the same energy. The new technology allows to create smaller LEDs on a larger scale.

The new generation of technology Mini-LED gives TCL has more than 25,000 Mini LEDs arranged at the rear of the TV. These are grouped into about 1,000 zones. These two numbers are larger than you can find on a traditional LED TV. No other manufacturer besides TCL has made public the use of this technology with the same number of LEDs until today, so the expectation of how the results will be in the reproduction of images will be.

Deep blacks and bright whites are the key to producing TV images. Add color with quantum dots and you will have the characteristics of a television with fantastic images. As LG is still the only company capable of making OLED accessible in different TV sizes, other manufacturers need to create alternatives with competitive technology.

The LCD is still the only economical alternative and, although it has come a long way, an aging technology. Therefore, the Mini-LED the great hope for this technology, which keeps the resource high. With regard to alternatives, however, the solution of TCL the most exciting and soon to be put to the test with its definitive arrival in the market.

Do you think Mini-LED gives TCL be able to provide quality equivalent to OLED TVs for a lower price? Leave your opinion in the comments and stay tuned on Showmetech, because we will be CES 2020 bringing all the news from the world of technology at first hand.

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