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Motorola plans to bring BACKFLIP with MOTOBLUR to Brazil

Motorola today announced the newest member of its Android portfolio: BACKFLIP with MOTOBLUR. The device arrives first through the operator Vivo in the first quarter of the year. The launch of a new sense of the category of smartphones, with an indigo design in reverse-flip format and with the BACKTRACK functionality, which makes browsing through social networks faster by MOTOBLUR, which synchronizes contacts, posts, messages, photos and more, all of this automatically available on the phone's home screen.

The device has a QWERTY keyboard, a high-resolution 3.1-inch HVGA screen, a 5 MP camera with flash and allows sharing of photos on social networks. In addition, it has features such as GPS and Bluetooth1 Stereo, which make BACKFLIP a complete device. It also has the BACKTRACK function, which provides quick and easy navigation through menus and features, and BACKTRACK, which is a touch sensitive panel, located on the back of the phone, which allows you to browse the internet, view texts, e- mails and news without having to use the screen or the keyboard to activate the commands. BACKFLIP has internet access via 3G and Wi-Fi. The Android Market provides access to more than 18 thousand applications and widgets to personalize the device. In reverse-flip table surface mode, you can listen to music or watch videos with your free hands. In digital frame mode, you can view images stored on the phone.

Finally, MOTOBLUR provides convenience and tranquility to the user, since, if the cell phone is lost, it is possible to locate it through a secure portal, which also allows the personal information contained in the device to be erased remotely, if necessary. Then, a simple username and password bring back all contacts, messages and connectivity, with all previously configured networks and email providers.

?Since we launched our first device with the MOTOBLUR service, our focus has been on differentiating the Android experience and being able to take it to new partner operators around the world,? says Sanjay Jha, Motorola co-CEO and CEO by Motorola Mobile Devices. "BACKFLIP's exclusive designs maximize MOTOBLUR's multitasking and multifunctional capabilities, making it as smart as it is efficient on social networks," he adds. ?BACKFLIP also reinforces Motorola's commitment to strengthen its Android portfolio in Brazil with differentiated smartphones that use the exclusive MOTOBLUR solution,? says Sergio Buniac, vice president of Mobile Products at Motorola Brazil.

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