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More ARKit demos include a shopping aid and a way to control your iPhone with your eyes

Apple really isn't kidding when it comes to it augmented reality. Just see that, in its most recent keynote, the company announced the ARKit 2.0 with a series of news and the introduction of the format USDZ, which allows developers, artists and users with a lesser degree of technical knowledge in the area to make and share their 3D creations to the virtual world.

Fortunately, Apple's mood is also being reflected in the developer community, which continues to create and demonstrate applications for the platform that go from beautiful to impressive. Let's see some more of them below?

An easier market

If you are one of those people who can't stand to spend more time in the supermarket than is strictly necessary and hate to wander the aisles in search of that item that seems to take pleasure in never being found, the developer Andrew Hart, from Dent Reality, showed something that can put tears in your eyes.

Here's a preview of what I've been working on for the past few months. Introducing Dent AR's Retail AR.

Impressive: the tool identifies the product you are looking at, provides you with information, suggests related items and guides you to their location. The success of the undertaking, of course, depends only on two factors: the degree of organization of the supermarkets and the amount of advertisements (which, we admit, will be an inevitable part of the experience) to appear during its use.

"Star Wars"

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges a game created by Lenovo in partnership with Disney that allows users to engage in realistic lightsaber battles and play the famous Holochess; until recently, however, he needed the Lenovo Mirage glasses to work. Now, with ARKit, no more.

Augmented reality game Star Wars: Jedi Challenges

The free game now allows users to enter the experience directly on the iPhone screen, just by pointing the camera at a surface. Only Holochess is available in AR mode; for lightsaber battles and strategic mode, you still need to purchase the Lenovo Mirage. Still, good news.

Festival of the Impossible

Adobe is one of Apple's most enthusiastic partners in the ARKit world and in collaboration to create the USDZ format, and its first technology related project is a digital art festival called The Festival of the Impossible.

Festival of the Impossible, Adobe's augmented reality art festivalPhotograph: 9to5Mac

Held for three days from today on the shores of The Minnesota Street Project, in San Francisco, the exhibition features a series of works of art that can only be fully viewed using iPads and iPhones; Adobe?s idea of ??making space a gallery and, at the same time, a demonstration of its Aero Project is the platform that helps artists transform their Photoshop projects and other company products into AR experiences.

Prvia: controlling the iPhone with your eyes

As is well known, ARKit 2.0 adds to all the abilities of its first version the ability to detect when you blink. With that, developer Matt Moss shared a very intriguing proof of concept in which you control your iPhone just by looking at it and blinking:

Control your iPhone with your eyes. Just look at a button to select it and blink to touch it. Made possible by ARKit 2.

In addition to being a huge novelty for issues related to accessibility, the creation can also be (with the pun term) a hand on the wheel for situations where you have your hands busy. a little bit scary, too.

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Did you like the news? We will wait for the next few months to know what will most impress us in the area