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Microsoft's new commercial suggests the iPad is for kids

Today's Microsoft picks up Apple's foot in its commercials; in the past, the company has run after the iPad Pro and even Macs. Now the iPad returned to be the target of the pricks of the Windows company, and in a very musical way.

In the commercial, you can see a ten-year-old child asking his grandmother not to buy her an iPad as they pass in front of a Microsoft store, where a Surface Go displayed. She also says that the iPad was good when she ?was six?, but now that she is ten, she needs a ?real computer?, since her dreams are bigger.

As recalled by the The Verge, Apple initiated the discussion ?What is a computer?? in one of its iPad Pro and iOS 11 commercials, and, more recently, giving five reasons why the new generation of gadget could be ?your next computer?.

This ?cat and mouse game? is likely to continue for some time: while Apple tries to convince consumers that the iPad is a computer, Microsoft will do everything to prove otherwise. It remains, of course, for us to use the device that we think is most compatible with our needs.

As for the video, I personally believe that Apple released a simpler Christmas commercial and closer to the meaning of this time of year. For those interested, the little musical from Microsoft's commercial is an adaptation of the music ?Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer?, by artist Elmo & Patsy.