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Made By Google: how to watch and what to expect from the Pixel line launches

Google announces its Pixel 4, in addition to new items from its hardware line, including a new notebook, wireless headphones and maybe even a smart watch

Every year the same thing: tech giants like Apple and the Samsung, announce their newest hardware products at events that draw attention from around the world. And of course with Google it would be no different.

In addition to the largest search engine in the world, the company also manufactures hardware for the end consumer. This Tuesday (15th), the Made By Google (Made by Google, in direct translation), in New York City, United States, from 11 am (Brasília time), where to present its new Pixel line products, including headphones and smartphones Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

Made By Google

Google devicesIn addition to dominating Internet searches and having the most widely used mobile operating system, Google also manufactures a wide range of hardware.

In a world of constant information leaks, the event Made By Google (Made In Google), is already looking forward to the launch of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

The company itself has even released some teaser images of the new product, corroborating several of the leaks that happened previously and that led to the site The Verge to name the new most leaked smartphone device in history.

In addition to Pixel 4, O Google it must update several products in its hardware line, including a new notebook, wired headphones, smart speakers and even a watch.

Pixel: Google's smartphone

Pixel 4The Pixel 4 comes in two versions and already has the latest version of Android.

With that, users of the Pixel are guaranteed to receive the latest updates from Android, every year and always before everyone else, which raised the attention of fans of the operating system and who suffered from delays in updating their devices, even the top of the line.

For 2019, the device to be presented the Pixel 4which, like its previous version, will come in normal and XL versions, with a larger screen size and also a battery. The smartphone also already follows the trend presented by Apple at the iPhone 11, with the cameras inserted in the rear in a kind of square block a little spare.

According to the leaks and even confirmations from the company itself, the new smartphone will come with a processor Snapdragon 855 gives Qualcomm and 6GB of RAM. Dual rear camera structure of 12MP and 16MP, with 2x zoom, are part of the device and the memory of 64GB or 128GB. Unlike most top-of-the-line smartphones on the market today, the Pixel 4 do not come with wide angle lens.

Facial unlocking and gesture sensors are also expected in the new device, which will come in different colors, including a new orange, and will already have the launch Android 10, the newest version of the mobile operating system.

Pixelbook Go

Pixelbook GoLeaks point to a touchscreen and 4K resolution in the new notebook, equipped with ChromeOS.

With the end of the Chromebooks, Google should launch the Pixelbook Go, to update its line of notebooks equipped with ChromeOS. The device should be announced with a 13.3-inch touchscreen with 4K resolution.

Ultralight, the Pixelbook Go come with different processor and storage options, according to the 9to5Google website. USB-C input and front camera will also be part of the product.

Pixel accessories and peripherals

Google HomeSmart speakers are also part of the line of hardware made by Google.

Beyond the new Pixel 4 It's from Pixelbook Go, the company should also announce new accessories and peripherals products in the line Pixel and other hardware products.

Among the rumors that have been circulating for months in the international specialized press, smart speakers Google Home should get an update for 2019, as well as the Nest WiFi.

A new and improved version of Pixel Buds, the endless headphones Google, is also on the waiting list to be announced at this Tuesday's event (15). There are also rumors, raised by the Nikkei Asian Review website, that the Google can definitely enter the smartwatches market, with the Pixel Watch, your first smart watch.

How to watch

As always, the event Made By Google will be shown online by social networks, such as Twitter and YouTube, starting at 11 am, Brasilia time, this Thursday (15).

In both platforms, you can even insert a reminder to not miss the beginning of the event.

It is worth remembering that the Showmetech It will also cover the event Made by Google and you will be able to follow all the coverage, in Portuguese, through our social networks as well as through our website.