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Linux 5.6 kernel will bring its own tool to monitor the temperature of SATA drives

As of the Linux 5.6 kernel, temperature monitoring of SATA drives no longer needs to be done using third party software.

After a long wait, the temperature of SATA devices can be monitored with a solution implemented in the Linux Kernel itself, without the need to install third party software.

kernel-linux-5.6-will bring-own-tool-to-monitor-temperature-of-sata-devices

The Linux community has been arguing for a long time about a way to implement its own solution, integrated with the Linux Kernel itself to monitor SATA devices, such as hard drives and SSDs. Such monitoring is already possible on Linux, but only through the installation of third party software, which can only obtain such information when run in root mode.

Running software in superuser mode is something that should be avoided whenever possible, especially when you are not absolutely sure and confident as to the origin of such software. After all, when a program is running as root on your system, nothing prevents you from doing anything at all within the system, which can be a serious security problem.

That is why it is very important that you run as a super user only software that you know and trust, and if it is a program that you have just learned, it is important to seek as much information as possible with users who have already tested and approved such software. Fortunately, software containing malicious code is not created for a long time in the Linux world, since the authenticity of software, the majority of which are open code, can be and verified by many users / developers worldwide.

That said, as disclosed, the new driver drivetemp will already be present and fully functional in version 5.6 of the Linux Kernel, and the temperature information can be consulted through the hardware monitor of the Linux kernel hwmon.

Now what remains for us to wait for the arrival of Kernel 5.6 so that we can test it, and bring more information about this new feature.

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