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Lightning cables for USB-C with MFi certificate may arrive ahead of schedule

A few months ago, we commented here on the imminent arrival in the cable market Lightning to USB-C manufactured by third parties with certificate MFi (Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod), which would occur due to a change in the program specifications. At the time, we said that the first batch of products would arrive in mid-2019, considering the time of design and production of the manufacturers; it seems, however, that this timetable is well advanced.

As the MacRumors, Apple has already given the go-ahead to start producing third-party cables with an MFi certificate, which means that the first of the kind will already be able to reach the shelves in the world in two or three months, that is, in February or March 2019. Ma's partners were notified of the release in late November, which means that the quickest on the trigger may already be heating up the machines to start production as early as 2018.

Manufacturers can purchase the Lightning connector (in its updated version, code C94) directly from Apple for $ 2.88 the part is a slightly higher price than that charged for the last version of the connector, which indicates that USB-C cables may be slightly more expensive than those with USB-A tips. Ma says the estimated delivery time for the connectors is six weeks.

Still, the news is great: finally, it will no longer be necessary to use Apple's own (and expensive) cables or non-certified (and unsafe) alternatives to, for example, charge your iPhone at 18W with the power adapter of the new iPad Pro. The entry of manufacturers in the game also means that we will see Lightning to USB-C cables with more resistant constructions, such as nylon or metal.

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