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Leak: Motorola prepares smartphone with stylus

Motorola may be about to launch a new smartphone. The novelty, however, is not in the fact that there is a new model in the production line, but in a detail that can be placed face-to-face with the next Samsung Galaxy Note. We speak, of course, about a pen.

The leak was posted by the well-known and trusted Evan Blass, via Twitter. Blass points out that it is the first smartphone of the brand to support pen inputs since the Windows Mobile era. The American did not advance further details, but an image lets us understand how to be part of this new equipment.

tek moto

The photograph shows us a smartphone with a floating front camera, accommodated in a hole in the upper left corner of the device. The bottom bar suggests that the operating system is the new Android 10.

Despite the pen, the leak does not reveal any technical details, so it is not possible to know what the capabilities of this new phone are. However, to be able to meet Samsung's flagship, it is certain that it will have to be substantially robust in this chapter.

With the Mobile World Congress at its doorstep, it is possible for the brand to present this new smartphone at what is one of the biggest events in the industry.