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League of Legends: how to create your personalized personal avatar for free

Free custom avatar generator for League of Legends allows you to leave the game with your "face", literally. Learn how to create your own

Most MMORPGs, like the League of Legends, allows you to create a personal avatar to use during the game to be identified. However, players suffer from the limitations and lack of options of the game's own generators, at the moment of creation when the player could release their imagination and leave the look of their avatar with its ?face? – literally or not.

Taking this into account, the developers themselves, third-party companies and modders (who creates mods for games) are always bringing new options and tools to satisfy this taste and facilitate the visual detailing of these avatars. Being one of the most popular games, the League of Legends allows the inclusion of avatars made by generators external to the game.

Some avatar generators are paidSome avatar generators are paid

One of these tools is the blog's custom avatar generator Modskinwhich, in addition to being able to LoL, can also be used in social media, with the so-called LoL Challenger Avatar Generator Online. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to create yours in a few steps.

How to create your own avatar in League of Legends

Free online avatar generator for League of LegendsFree online avatar generator for League of Legends

Step 1: On the generator page, with your chosen image click on "Select file" on the flap "Select Image". Select the image and make the Upload;

Step 2: Once the photo has finished uploading, an editing window will appear, where you can make adjustments such as size and zoom. When finished, click Crop and Upload Image;

Step 2 to generate avatar in LOL

Step 3: How Upload finished, you will see a page with the chosen photo uploaded and just give your future avatar a name, using the option Skin Name and, right below, Nick Name;

step 3 to generate avatar in LOL

Step 4: To finish editing and the photo will be processed with the theme LoL, click the button Make You Avatar;

Step 4 to generate avatar in LOL

Step 5: With the generated avatar, just click the button Download to save to your computer and use it at will.

Final avatar result for LOL

This whole procedure is totally free and very easy and fast, depending only on the speed of your internet connection. There are also no minimum requirements and no restriction on systems to use the LoL Challenger Avatar Generator Online, so you can create your personalized avatar with Windows, distributions Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android quietly.

Access the Modskin page and try to make your matches more immersive and your social networks more personalized and unique.

And you? Did you manage to leave the avatar with your ?face?? Leave it in the comments!