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Last State of Play of 2019 confirms Resident Evil 3, Ghost of Tsushima and more

During the broadcast of State of Play, Sony confirmed several titles for PlayStation 4 including the long-awaited remake of Resident Evil 3, check out all the news below

O State of Play a conference of Sony, transmitted exclusively over the internet, in which the company reveals the next news for the PlayStation. On this Tuesday, 10, the company made its last broadcast of 2019 and confirmed rumors that it has been rocking the internet for the past few days. Among the main announcements are the long-awaited remake of Resident Evil 3, new teaser exclusive Ghost of Tsushima and the expansion of Kindgom Hearts 3.

With an average duration of 20 minutes, the State of Play contains updates on Sony's services in general, release dates and other news. Below you can see everything that happened at the last PlayStation event of the year.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

esident Evil 3 - State of PlayOfficial announcement happens after a series of rumors and leaks

After the leak of official images on PlayStation Network (PSN) and increasingly strong rumors about an upcoming announcement, the remake of the third game in the Capcom horror franchise has finally been confirmed. The title is one of the most beloved by fans of the franchise, and follows the success of the re-readings of the first Resident Evil (2001) and Resident Evil 2 that was released this year. Praised by critics, the remake of the second game is one of the nominees for Game of the Year at The Game Awards.

In an interesting twist, Capcom showed during the trailer that the Project Resistance game announced earlier this year will come as an extra game along with the remake. During the State of Play, the trailer showing the official release date of the game was shown: April 3, 2020. Pre-order is available from today on the PS Store online store.

Untitled Goose Game

One of the most unusual titles of the year, Untitled Goose Game was originally released in September for PCs. In this genre title stealth (stealth), the player controls a goose that needs to steal objects from people in the park. Developed by House House, the game was confirmed during the State of Play to win a PS4 version on December 17.


Following the fever of gaming in style Battle Royale, in which players face each other in extensive arenas, Spellbreak announced with a differential. The game exchanges weapons, traditional from games like Free Fire and Fortnite, for magic and comes to PlayStation 4 in 2020.


Dreams - State of playDreams allows the player to create scenarios and new ways to play

Dreams developed by Media?s Molecule (Little Big Planet) and allows the player to create new scenarios and ways to play. The title promises to be intuitive enough for players to create professional-level games. During the State of Play, a trailer with several titles developed on Dreams was shown. In addition, the launch date has been confirmed for February 14th.


With its mechanics based on perspective puzzles, Superliminal will arrive on PlayStation 4 in 2020. The title was originally released in November of that year for PC, in which the character must carefully look around the scenery to find hidden objects. An exact date was not confirmed during State of Play.

Paper Beast – PS VR

Keeping its constant support for PS VR, PlayStation virtual reality glasses, Sony announced Paper Beast. Expected to launch in 2020, the game shows an ecosystem full of creatures made of origami, living in a giant sandbox. Even without a definitive release date, it is believed that the game will arrive at the beginning of next year.

Kingdom Hearts 3: Re Mind – Expansion

The latest title in the series that mixes Disney characters with those of Square Enix will gain a new expansion. Kingdom Hearts 3: Re Mind, arrives on PlayStation 4 on January 23, 2020. In the trailer, we can already see a bit of history and some new characters that we will meet during the game.

Predator: Hunting Grounds

The hit movie franchise of the 1980s will win a new game: Predator Hunting Grounds. In the game we will control the Predator, in its incessant hunt for humans. The trailer shows some elements of gameplay that were taken straight from the films, like the alien's heat vision. Predator Hunting Grounds hits PS4 on April 24.

Babylon?s Fall undated

Developed by Platnum Games (Bayonetta) and distributed by Esquare Enix, Sony announced during the State of Play Babylon?s Fall. Still without an official release date, the game contains elements of the genre hack'n slash, traditional of franchises like God of War and Devil May Cry. It was expected that the title would be released later this year, but it has been postponed and has not yet won a new date.

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima - State of playThe full trailer will only be shown during the game awards

Before ending State of Play, a short teaser of the long-awaited Ghost of Tsushima was shown. The game is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and is being developed by the production company Sucker Punch. To check out the full trailer, you need to follow the Game Awards 2019 that takes place this Thursday, the 12th. The award is considered the Oscar of games and had the nominees announced recently.

Sony and the State of Play

Like competitors, Microsoft and Nintendo, State of Play has become the traditional way of presenting news about the PS4. Big N runs Nintendo Direct, while Microsoft created Inside Xbox, both broadcast online. Cheaper and less likely to fail, the strategy has proved beneficial for Sony. So much so that, for the first time, the owner of the PlayStation brand did not participate in E3, the main gaming event in the world.