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It went up, but not so much: Apple is voted the 71st best company to work for in the USA

To offer a pleasant work environment, with favorable conditions for each one to perform their role and solid career programs, a fundamental requirement for any company with a minimum growth ambition.

Taking this into account, every year the job site Glassdoor does a survey (based on testimonials given to the website itself) of the best companies in the USA to work for and Apple figured stamped among the companies mentioned.

The problem that, in the last four years, Ma has been on a downward trend in the ranking: it was in 22, 25 and 36 places between 2014 and 2016 and fell to a bitter 84 position in 2017. Now, things are a little best: in Glassdoor's 2018 list, Apple ranked 71 place.

Among the main positive points of working at Apple listed by its employees, Glassdoor highlights the great benefits offered, even for part-time employees, and the possibility of growth within the company. On the other hand, the almost unanimous criticism of employees regarding the balance between work and personal life apparently, Ma will dominate your life if you work there, especially in the retail part.

Among the technology companies in the ranking, Apple was behind some of its main competitors, such as the Facebook (7 place), the Google (8) and the Microsoft (34) a Amazon was not on the list, and I wonder why. The champion of the year was the consulting firm Bain & Companyfollowed by technology Zoom Video Communications and the cafeteria In-N-Out.

Can Apple return to the 10th place won in 2011?

via Apple World Today