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iPhone 11 Pro Max: Camera for selfies reaches the top 10 of DxOMark, but is far from leading

In November 2019, the iPhone 11 Pro Max reached the fifth position in the top 10 best smartphone cameras from DxOMark. Apple's first triple camera system earned him a score of 117, managing to outperform the Huawei P30 Pro and even the Google Pixel 4. The benchmarking company has already completed the front camera analysis of Apple's latest flagship smartphone and placed -to the tenth place in its ranking, at a distance of nine points from the Huawei Nova 6 5G, deserving a final score of 91.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max occupies the 10th place in the ranking of best selfie cameras by DxOMark. credits: DxOMark

According to DxOMark, the front camera of the iPhone 11 Pro Max has some improvements over the XS Max. The highlight is the presence of a 12 MP resolution sensor with a larger lens, something that can help the user to obtain best photographic compositions. The score has also increased with regard to the focusing system, which allows a greater level of detail even at different distances.

DxOMark indicates that the front camera of the Apple smartphone has a good level of exposure, allowing you to capture selfies with good quality of details and colors in brightly lit outdoor conditions. The bokeh mode is another of the strengths, being able to blur the background of an image without problems.

However, the benchmarking company clarifies that Apple needs to improve its noise reduction technology, which is one of the main problems in capturing photos outdoors and in less light conditions.

Classification of photo and video features of the front camera of the iPhone 11 Pro Max credits: DxOMark

As for the video captured with the front camera of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, DxOMark says that the combination of a larger lens with a more extensive depth of field and with a 4K resolution makes it a good bet for those who want to venture into the vlogging world. However, noise remains one of the areas for improvement.