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iPadOS: check out all the news coming to the iPad

With the new iPadOS, Apple aims at a completely redesigned system to improve the usability of its line of iPads

Developed on the basis of iOS 13, IpadOS was announced during WWDC 2019 (Worldwide Developer Conference) through the Apple to be a more independent operating system for the brand's tablets. O iPadOS brings a completely redefined system, with new features specifically included to improve the users' experience.

O iPadOS it received new functions to take advantage of the screen size, such as a personalized home menu, and was developed to look more like a computer and better adapt to screen usability, with multitasking and application distribution features.

In this text, we've separated everything you need to know about the details of the beta and the main features of the new operating system from Apple.

New home screen

Now there is a new design of the home screen, which is specific to the iPadOSNow there is a new design of the home screen, which is specific to the iPadOS

By separating the iPadOS of iOS 13, a Apple achieved total freedom to manipulate and make changes necessary for the system to adapt and meet the needs that the iPad require. One of these changes is the fact that there is now a new home screen design, specific to iPad.

The icons on the tablet's home screen now take up less space, allowing you to keep more items on the screen. In addition, with the screen rotation activated, the cones are not disorganized and keep the same layout as before.

The widgets, which are customizable, gained space in the initial area, without conflicting with the applications. In both landscape and portrait mode, they are still accessible and displaying more details.

Multitasking updates

Split View mode highly values ??the multitask part of the new iPadsSplit View mode highly values ??the multitask part of the new iPads

Have multiple windows open on one device iOS is already a feature available for company devices. However, iPadOS, a Apple introduced improvements to make the use of these resources even more accessible.

Multitasking interfaces Split View and Slide Over support multiple windows of the same application, for example, two windows of the Safari side by side or open two documents from the Pages at once. All of this making the resource closer and more intuitive, just like done in MacBook.

The slide over works like on the macBookO Slide Over works like on MacBook

Multitasking is really taken seriously by the device, since it also allows the use of two emails at the same time. This allows more practicality for users who have several accounts and want to have a better control between them during the day.

The system also has a new function called Expos App. This feature is activated by holding down the icon of an application, allowing you to view all open windows of that app in specific. Along with that, there is still an option to switch between them with a touch, making it easy to view all the applications that are open and switch between tasks.

Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil is even more integrated with the new iPadApple Pencil is even more integrated with the new iPad

How iPadOS, O Apple Pencil is more integrated with iPad, mainly through new branding tools available throughout the operating system.

Now, entire web pages, documents or emails can be edited to receive notes using the Markup. Passing the Apple Pencil from the corner of the screen, it is possible to drag the resources, in addition to making a screen print, which can be saved in PDF, containing the annotations made.

Thanks to improvements in the optimization of Apple Pencil, latency has now decreased from 20 milliseconds to just 9 milliseconds, ensuring a much faster response than before.

Support for USB and memory card

IPadOS now recognizes the connection of a USB driveO iPadOS now recognizes the connection of a USB drive

O iPadOS comes with the option of recognizing the connection of a USB drive or card reader SD to iPad, allowing data management between internal storage with the external drive. The feature will also allow direct storage on the iCloud, as well as standard features like Markup, rotate, or create PDFs.

There is also good news for photographers, as the iPadOS will allow the connection of cameras to the iPad, and you can import images directly into editing applications, such as Lightroom, for example.

Desktop quality for a tablet

Apple will still bring 30 keyboard shortcuts to the backApple will still bring 30 keyboard shortcuts for the new system version

O Safari now automatically loads the desktop versions of the sites, properly sized for the device?s screen, in addition to being optimized for touch. This means that users of iPads are no longer required to upload mobile versions of websites, with a consistent experience of using the Safari similar to that of a computer.

The new version of the browser works with web applications, such as Google Docs, O Squarespace it's the WordPress, so that users can perform the same functions that they are used to doing in a Mac. The similarity becomes even greater, as 30 keyboard shortcuts for the version of iPadOS.

For the first time, allowing a USB mouse to be connected to an iPadFor the first time, allowing a USB mouse to be connected to an iPad

For the first time, allowing a USB mouse to be connected to a iPad. Although mouse support is not a standard feature, it is available as an option AssistiveTouch in your device?s Accessibility settings iOS.

Gesture Text Editing

The new gesture recognition will facilitate text editingThe new gesture recognition will facilitate text editing

The system has a new and redefined gesture recognition, which will facilitate text editing. To scroll through long documents and web pages, you can hold the scroll bar and drag it down or up. Selecting text can now be done by dragging your finger over it.

And the possibilities increase, as it is also possible to select a word with a double tap, an entire sentence with a triple tap or an entire paragraph with a quadruple tap. The double tap, depending on where it is performed, selects elements such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses and addresses. Now dragging the cursor is easier, just by selecting it with your finger, a feature that was not allowed in iOS 12.

To make typing even simpler in iPad, a Apple added a new floating keyboard that allows you to type with one hand. That is, when you slide your fingers across the keyboard, it will check the letters that the finger stopped, allowing typing by gestures similar to that of the Android. The system will support the new swipe-based typing feature QuickPath gives Apple.

Sidecar with macOS Catalina

Due to integration with macOS Catalina, O iPad can be used as a secondary monitor for the MacBook, either by enlarging the notebook screen or mirroring it. With this feature, applications like Photoshop or the Illustrator can be used directly on the iPad, even allowing the use of Apple Pencil.

In addition to being used as a pen for drawings or notes, the Apple Pencil it can also be used as a mouse to point and click. PDF editing continues as usual, and changes can be viewed in real time by MacBook or create a sketch in iPad and transfer it to the notebook.

More features coming with the new iPadOS

  • Dark Mode: the expected way that it leaves applications with a dark background, which is being integrated into the iOS 13, be present in the new system;
  • The Photos app has been revamped: with several functions for editing images and viewing photos, the app has become smarter, being able to show the best photos, selected by periods of day, month, and even year;
  • Multiple Apple ID login: before, it was only possible to have an account Apple ID on the device. With this new feature, it is possible for other users to use accounts on iPad from other people;
  • ARkit 3: augmented reality is a new way to use technology that is transforming how you work, learn, play and connect with almost everything around you. How ARkit 3 it will be possible to explore many possibilities with augmented reality on devices;
  • People Occlusion: allows your objects in augmented reality to pass in front of and behind people in the real world;
  • Multitraking: for musicians, there is an improved hub for editing various music channels, allowing for own compositions, connecting instruments and organizing all audio tracks;
  • Personalized memoji in the Message app: creating your own face with emoji faces is very easy on iOS 13. With this new feature, new personalized emojis can be sent not only by message, but also by email.


Apple confirmed that models from the iPad Air 2 you will receive the update iPadOS, as soon as it?s released this year. There will be no updates for the iPad Air original, the iPad Mini 2 it's the iPad Mini 3.

O iPadOS be launched sometime in September, along with the iOS 13, but users won't have to wait to be able to test the operating system. The beta version is now available for download on the Apple website.

Devices that will receive the iPadOS

For those who do not want to wait until the second semester to get to know the new operating system, it is already open in beta on Apple's Beta Software Program, and users can send their feedbacks for the company.