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Instagram now allows sharing stories from friends and wants to allow videos up to 1 hour long

O Instagram implemented a feature that was highly requested by users: the ability to share stories created by other friends. To enforce the novelty, however, the person who created the content (whether in a photo or video) needs to tag you so that the story can be shared.

In general, the alert style the person receives remains the same. The user who is scheduled will receive a notification, directing them to the direct messages tab and, just above the story in which the user was mentioned, there will be a new link ?Add your story?. The person who wants to share the story in which he was marked can also add stickers and personalized texts.

Sharing stories on Instagram

When your followers view the shared story, they will see the name of the user who originally posted the content and will be able to access that person's profile. Remembering that only profiles in public viewing mode can have their stories shared.

The Instagram update with the story sharing option is now available for iOS and Android.

One-hour videos + original content

According to The Wall Street Journal, Instagram is developing a new feature that will allow the creation of videos up to an hour long as well as vertically. Currently, the application allows the user to publish videos up to one minute in length.

This novelty may be related to the company's planning to create partnerships for the dissemination of original content, something similar to the resource "Discovery", from Snapchat.

According to the TechCrunch, Instagram offers a dedicated space for the creation of scripted videos, music clips and much more all in 4K resolution, vertically, full screen and high definition.

Still according to the website, Facebook's goal would not be to create great productions as done by Netflix, for example. In fact, the resource would be assimilated with some productions mainly advertisements and short videos seen on YouTube.

In addition to having longer videos, they would include an option to open a link, used by content creators to drive traffic to their websites, e-commerce stores or even tickets to events.

If Instagram decides to adopt the news, surely a large number of advertising and service companies would gain an incredible opportunity to publicize their products considering that the platform already has more than 800 million users.

They did not disclose any information about the news, however, the TechCrunch believes that the company will announce the new features on the 20th of this month.

Facebook notifications on Instagram

Facebook is testing a new feature that puts notifications from the social network inside Instagram, through a icon in the upper left corner of the application screen with the number of unviewed alerts. By tapping the icon, you are directed to the Facebook notification page.

Facebook notifications within the Instagram app

Users confirmed the ?fusion? of Facebook notifications on Instagram in beta versions of the app. Still, some people who do not use the test version have also noticed the notification button on their profile.

An Instagram spokesman confirmed the test, but did not say when (or if) the feature would be launched more widely for all users.

Instagram app icon

via The Verge, 9to5Mac, Mashable