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Improve the performance of your iPhone or iPad with drastic cleaning

The more storage space the smartphone has the more things we end up saving in it. Not only apps that we don't use, but also all the photos we take, often in duplicate or triplicate, videos and files that we no longer use.

The problem that, after some time, it becomes difficult to make a conscious cleaning. like cupboards and storerooms where we keep stuff (always useful) but which is buried under new layers of objects.

There are several applications that can help with these cleaning tasks, and Magic Cleaner is one of them, helping to find and eliminate duplicate photos or videos and merge repeated contacts.

In the arrangement process the app also helps to organize the photos by location, and to clean the ones taken in a certain location

In this case there is no cleaning of files or apps, not even the phone's memory.

The Magic Cleaner can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store, but to have access to all the features you need a subscription to a service.