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Hubble turns 30 and has a space calendar for 2020 that you can download for free

Hubble has been one of the main "suppliers" of the most spectacular images in space, but the scientists involved in the discoveries, as well as ESA, the European space agency, and NASA, are always willing to share these findings with fans of science.

This year the space telescope marks its 30th anniversary in April and has been developing a series of initiatives to commemorate the date, including a contest where users could choose the hidden gems from the Hubble image archive. The campaign ran between September and November 2019 and the 12 most voted images were compiled into a special birthday calendar, which can now be downloaded for free in HD from the Hubble website and printed.

Each image is accompanied by its description and the date of the discovery, but as in all good calendars there is also an indication of the days of each month of 2020.

Hubble birthday