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Huawei Mate X2 appears on patent with six cameras and stylus

Huawei Mate X2 appears on patent with six cameras and stylus

The foldable smartphone market is expected to grow a lot this year. Samsung, for example, is preparing to make official the Galaxy Z Flip, successor to the Galaxy Fold that can arrive at the same event destined for the Galaxy S20 line on February 11.

Now, information points out that Huawei also intends to show the world its second foldable, which has been called Mate X2. A new patent registered in the EUIPO revealed the possible design of this device, showing many similarities with its predecessor, but also some news.

The document suggests that the Mate X2 now folds inward, something reminiscent of the construction of the Galaxy Fold. When closed, we see a vertical bar that houses a slot for the stylus, which possibly deliver some interesting technologies, just like Samsung did on the S Pen.

In addition, the next Chinese foldable smartphone should bring six cameras, four on the rear and two positioned on the "bar", which will serve to capture the selfies. In terms of comparison, Mate X has only three sensors at the rear, which also work as the front.

Unfortunately, there are still no details on the specifications of the Mate X2, but it is quite likely that Huawei will offer cutting-edge hardware, so we can expect the Kirin 990 5G processor and a lot of RAM and internal storage.

So far, no leak has revealed the release date of this device. It is worth remembering that, in Brazil, the first foldable smartphone to be made official was the Galaxy Fold, and the next will be the Motorola RAZR 2019, which arrives on February 6.


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