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How to view videos and photos in HEVC or HEIF for free on Windows 10

The new HEVC formats take up half the space, but still give you a headache for those who transfer files to the PC

Since iOS 11 (of iPhones 5 to X), iPhone owners who also own a PC have encountered some problems, as the operating system has abandoned the traditional format .JPG (JPEG) for the adoption of the new HEIF, or HEVC, which takes up less space and manages to maintain good quality.

This HEIF (High Efficiency Image File, or High Efficiency Image File, in free translation) was based on the same video compression that also came with the iOS 11, call HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding or ?High Efficiency Video Coding?), which can weigh up to half of its predecessors. The technology became popular and also reached the Galaxy S10.

It turns out that, by default, you can't open the codec native applications, such as Photos of Windows 10. So we have prepared a guide to help you, with free extensions. In addition, we also teach you how to activate it on your device Samsung or go back to the classic .JPG on your device Apple.

How to install extensions on your PC

There is a free application from the Microsoft store itself, with a name that goes straight to the point: HEIF Image Extensions.

HEVC is the technology that allows visual files to take up less space on the device

As described by the Microsoft, on the extension page:

?Images stored in HEIF files with the .heic file extension are compressed using the HEVC format. Such files require the HEVC Video Extensions package to also be installed. If the HEVC Video Extenses package is not installed, the HEIF Image Extension cannot read or write .heic files ?.

For video files (such as the HEVC mentioned above), the Microsoft it also offers a free extension.

Interestingly, if you just search for "HEVC" in the store, you will find a paid version of the same app (it seems like the kind of thing they don't want you to find). So we saved you from spending R $ 3.45 s worth telling Bill Gates.

It is worth remembering that, with our guide, it will be possible to open such files in apps native to your machine, but it will not automatically open in any other software that does not support codec so if you are going to edit them on Photoshop, for example, still need to convert.

How to take up less space on the Galaxy S10

Open the application Camera on your device and select "Settings", in the upper left corner. Scroll the screen until you find "Rescue options" or ?Save options?. On this screen, enable ?HEIF photos?.

Save photos in HEIF or HEVC format

How to use JPEG or H.264 on iOS 11 or higher

If you would like to return to codecs classic, prioritizing this facility rather than how much an image occupies on your smartphone, quite simple.

V tab "Camera", in Settings. Then select "Formats" and then "Most Compatible".

.jpg and h.264 format on iOS 11 or higher

The files will be saved in JPEG (image) or H.264 (video). If you want to return to HEIF / HEVC, just go to the same section and select ?High Efficiency?.

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