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How to start a conversation on WhatsApp without saving contact on iPhone

undeniable that the Whatsapp has become the most popular way to chat at a distance, especially in Brazil.

Whether for long conversations with friends, a job topic, negotiating a sale or receiving newsletters from companies, the green icon app has even gone ahead of email in many cases.

However, WhatsApp is very archaic in many ways, even more compared to competitors such as Telegram (including, join our channel and group). An example of this is not being able to contact a person without saving their number in contacts (or on the device) …

Despite everything, there is a way around this. what we will teach in this article!

Starting conversations on WhatsApp via a URL

Fortunately, thanks to a WhatsApp API, there are ways to start a conversation with any number registered on the service, via a link, without saving contact on the device.

The simplest way for the service Just open the browser on your iPhone or computer (if you have WhatsApp open on it) and enter the following URL:

In this case, replace the ?x? with the number you want to talk to. Do not forget that the number must be in its complete format: with country code + DDD; and typed everything together, without spaces. Here in Brazil the code 55. So, look like this:

After entering the URL and entering the address, tap ?Open?. You will be directed to a chat on WhatsApp with the chosen number.

This method works not only on the iPhone, but also on Androids and computers.

Now, if you often contact numbers you don't want to store in your contacts, there's a hand on the wheel …

Call on Zap

First, your iPhone must have the iOS 12 and the app Shortcuts installed. Da, to be able to use the ?recipe? with a crude name: Call on Zap.

Add the recipe to the app via this link.

Just tap on the recipe, through the Shortcuts app or through the widgets. Then, choose whether you want to add a number you copied, or type it right away. However, remember that the number must be in the same format as in the previous topic.

Anyway, and you, what did you think? Comment with us!

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