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How to put shortcuts on the iPhone Home Screen

One of the new features coming in iOS 12 was the app Shortcuts (that a reformulation of the old Workflow, acquired by Apple in 2017).

The application serves to assist in iOS tasks and also in a multitude of functions, such as starting a conversation on WhatsApp without saving the number, downloading videos from the internet, searching for images, recording health data, cutting photos, making calls and much more!

However, for those who use shortcuts a lot, it may be more practical to add some Home Screen on the iPhone or iPad. This way, the shortcuts will stay with the applications, and can even be grouped in folders.

So, what we will show in this article.

Adding Home Screen shortcuts

something very simple, but somewhat hidden. Follow:

  1. First, open the Shortcuts app, in the ?Library? section.
  2. Touch the three dots on the shortcut you want to place on the home screen.
  3. Touch the share icon or the edit icon; are in the upper right corner.
  4. A page will open in Safari. Then, tap the share button and then ?Start Screen?.
    In that step, you can choose the name of the shortcut. Similar to adding any website to the home screen.

How to customize a shortcut cone

In addition, you can customize the icon of a shortcut to add it to the home screen of the iPhone or iPad. This is useful to differentiate more among other applications. A good example is to put a photo of a person if it is a shortcut for the Contacts app, to call or send a message to a specific person. Thus, it is easier to identify the shortcut.

For this, follow:

  1. First, as in the tutorial above, touch the three dots. Then, tap adjustment button shortcut and ?cone?.
  2. Select the ?Home Screen? section. Then, choose the image you want to place, and finish by touching ?OK?.

Don't have the Shortcuts app?

Even though it is a native iOS 12 app, it does not come downloaded on the device. Find it on the App Store through this link or at box below:

Shortcuts Shortcuts

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