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How to edit a photo's metadata on iPhone

For those who don't know, the photos taken by the iPhone (and also by other devices in general) have several information inserted in its structure: metadata. Photographers and other professionals, for example, use this information.

Metadata is commonly represented by the acronym EXIF (Exchangeable image file format; or Alterable Image Format, in Portuguese). This includes information on location, capture device, date and time, size, number of pixels, exposure, ISO, among other data.

In Windows, right-click on a photo, then click Properties> Details.

Above, there is an example of the metadata (EXIF) of a photo I captured with the iPhone, seen by the computer.

How to edit EXIF ??images on iPhone

On the iPhone, you can change the metadata for a photo if you want for some reason. To do this, you will need an application. So, we will use the Exif Metadata:

Exif Metadata Exif Metadata

After the download, follow the steps:

  1. First, open the app and allow it to access your photos;
  2. Touch ?+?And select a photo from the albums shown. This will open a view of the metadata and location if any:
  3. You can change the location or remove it by tapping ?Edit Location? or ?Remove Location?, respectively.
  4. Finally, if you want to edit the other metadata as well, slide the screen to the end. Then use the available buttons:

Edit Exif to change information;Remove Exif to remove metadata;Remove All Metadata to remove everything, metadata and location;Copy All Metadata to copy all metadata to the clipboard;Share Image to share the image, with metadata (Share with Metadata) or without (Share without Metadata).

There are several apps with this feature on the App Store. However, Exif Metadata does its job well, being simple, easy to use and free.

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