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How to crop videos, delete / reinstall apps, and use the Search iPhone feature

On its YouTube channel, Apple continues to feed its (very useful) series of support videos, in which it shares useful tips for users who do not completely master the use of their devices or who are simply unaware of such aspect of the devices / systems .

Recently, three more videos were posted by the company:

How to crop videos on iPhone or iPad

Cut a long video clip in the Photos app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with just a few taps.

How to delete and reinstall apps

Learn how to remove or delete apps on your iPhone or iPad, and reinstall other apps that you might want to use again.

How to use Find iPhone to locate, protect and recover your devices

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As usual, the descriptions of each video contain links to more detailed support articles by Ma for those who want to go deeper in ?classes? and become a master in the field of iPhone or iPad.

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