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How to add a bookmark to Chrome directly from Safari on iOS

O Safari it is the default browser for iOS, and it opens links from different places, such as e-mails and messages. Even though it is excellent and has several features, there are times when people can use other browsers, such as Google Chrome for example.

A very common situation among users is to use Chrome on the computer and want to sync bookmarks across all devices. And for these situations, it is quite simple to add a page that is open in Safari to Chrome favorites.

Adding Chrome to the share menu in Safari

With Google Chrome already installed on your iPhone or iPad, add it to Safari's sharing options:

  1. First, open some website by Safari;
  2. Touch the share icon at the bottom of the screen;
  3. Drag the list of apps to the left to the end, and tap ?More?;
  4. Finally, look for the Chrome in the option list and activate it, if it is not already activated.

Adding a bookmark to Chrome via Safari

Now, with Chrome as a sharing shortcut, very simple.

  1. With a website open on Safari, tap the share icon;
  2. Touch the Chrome;
  3. Finally, a pop-up appears. Touch the ?Add to Favorites'. You will see a quick confirmation that the site has been added.

In Google Chrome, where do these favorite links added by Safari go?

By default, all bookmarks added in this way go to the folder Mobile device favorites. In addition, you will be able to access folders and bookmarks where Chrome is installed and synchronized.

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