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How technology makes a new era of sports possible

Technology is a great ally to sport, providing data and aiding the health of players

Scouts (in sports, the act of analyzing team performance) advanced courses, online courses, multimedia reports and even new professions. Technology with the internet age changed the course sports, bringing interactivity and new possibilities to do business with people from all over the world. In the past 20 years, technology has not only changed the way sports are played for athletes or people directly involved in the game, fans, journalists and entrepreneurs are living the sport like never before.

How technology makes a new era of sports possibleToday technology is a great ally of sport (credit: Deposit Photos)

Technology as an ally in the sports information sector

When Brazil faced Holland in the world Cup 1974, the coach Zagallo had no answers to combat the call "Clockwork Orange". Adopting the style of play "Total Football", the Dutch pressed the ball out of the Canary Islands and tactically dominated.

At the time, it was evident that the Brazilian technical commission did not have the necessary knowledge scout of the Dutch. In pre-game interviews, Zagallo He even said that his opponents played football ?Beans and rice?, something that did not match anything with a team that helped to revolutionize the sport.

How technology makes a new era of sports possibleBrazil and Holland at the 1974 World Cup

Nowadays, surprises like the Netherlands in 1974 are practically impossible. Almost endless networks of scout and even video games as a method of assisting in mapping players and tactics make it a globalized sport in which each knows the other's weak point.

the case of baseball, for example. AT MLB, the largest baseball league in the world, all franchises have complete teams that exclusively take care of statistics and the evaluation of opponents. In addition, in almost any major league, the high performance athlete has a complete report of his performance during training or games. the case of football, and this reality has long been in Brazil.

Teams like Palmeiras and Grmio have already joined the data analysis once and have professionals dedicated exclusively to this. According to the former player and now director of Football Federation, Oliver Bierhoff, ?In 10 minutes, 10 players can generate 7 million data points?, and, for this, a large apparatus is needed to process all this and thus transform the data into useful information for athletes.

How technology makes a new era of sports possibleThere are currently devices that provide player data with ease (credit: ROTC)

Internet as a gateway to sports

Baseball brings yet another perfect example here. Earlier this year, Jeff Sulivan, site writer Fangraphs, was hired by Tampa Bay Rays to work on the data analysis part of the North American team. Sullivan gained projection in the sports world with his work as an analyst on the website Fangraphs and most likely without the internet he would not be able to have the appeal that catapulted him to employment on an MLB team.

This is just one of several examples that show how the internet is a gateway to the real world of sports. In football, there are also many such cases. Currently, there is no shortage of specialized online courses for coaches, managers and trainers and many more.

CBF itself conducts distance learning courses to spread the knowledge of football to various professionals in the sports area.

How technology makes a new era of sports possibleThe internet offers several courses for players, coaches and the like (credit: Deposit Photos)

Utopia became reality: competing professionally without leaving home

Imagining a world in which the athlete could compete professionally in the comfort of his home was simply unimaginable in the 1980s, but the gradual advancement of the internet in recent years has meant that it is no longer scientific.

O poker It is the greatest example of how technology has advanced to a point where it is possible to compete at home. Officially recognized as the sport of the mind, this modality struggles to enter the next Olympics and it has been growing at a fast pace.

How technology makes a new era of sports possiblePoker is increasingly popular and casino gambling is a thing of the past (credit: Deposit Photos)

The popularity of poker nowadays it's only possible thanks to Boom caused by this sport practiced on the internet. There are hundreds of sites that offer poker online and to compete you only need a good computer or cell phone and a stable internet connection.

A clear example of how technology makes many athletes' dreams possible is that of Ramom Colilas. The competitor of poker Spaniard achieved his greatest career title earlier this year, when he won a major tournament in the Bahamas. Colillas guaranteed its place in the event through the Platinum Pass, a credential offered to competitors who stand out in the online world.

How technology makes a new era of sports possibleRamom Colillas, champion of the PokerStars Players Championship, in Bahamas (credit: PokerStars)

So much Colillas as thousands of other professional competitors in the world of poker online manage to shine professionally in the online world. In Brazil, there are examples like Joo Simo, Bruno Volkamnn, Generated Csar and several others who are true stars in the poker through the Internet.

Future has room for other technological revolutions in sport

Apparently, there is still a lot of space for technology to grow in sport, especially in football. It was recently, for example, that the first division of national football adopted the VAR and the lower leagues still do not have it in full.

However, in relation to training aid, Brazilian football starts to walk hand in hand with technology. A feature adopted and that helps teams to have more accurate data about the players is the use of GPS devices, which can make a balance of the speed of the players, distances covered, positioning, among other metrics. In fact, the Brazilian team used this technology for the first time during the world Cup from Russia.

How technology makes a new era of sports possibleResources that help players and technical commissions to obtain more accurate data in the new reality (credit: Deposit Photos)

In Brazilian football, teams like Botafogo, Palm Trees, Sport Recife and So Caetano entered into partnerships with companies to supply these devices.

Technology in sport is a path of no return and the most nostalgic will have to adapt and renew their concepts in order to enter this new reality of the sporting world that continues in an unstoppable evolution.