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How can big data mitigate some of the biggest problems that children face?

Use big data to help alleviate the most complex problems that children face worldwide. this is the main purpose of Marble, a group of entities in the field of science and art that come together in a humanitarian mission.

On the organization's online platform launched in 2019, Marble explains how it intends to fulfill its objective. Bringing together scientists, experts and designers, the organization uses corporate data to decode real socio-economic problems that affect children around the world.

tek marble

Then, Marble "takes advantage" of academic knowledge to design and test scientific tools and solutions based on the data obtained. But products and structures are also created that transform evidence into action.

Better understanding of suicide, migration, population movements in fragile contexts, predicting and preventing epidemics and making cities more inclusive are Marble's concrete goals. For this, it counts on the help of partners such as Unicef, Microsoft Research and Harvard Humanitarian Initiative