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GoPro launches Hero 8 Black and Max; meet the models

News shows new processors, 4K footage and an additional screen for the new GoPro Hero 8 Black and Max; check out

THE GoPro announced on Tuesday (01) the new generations of its steel cameras, the models Hero 8 Black and Max, with a new integrated montage system, a new software experience that requires less touch and the ability to shoot up to 4K images at 60 frames per second or amazingly capture stable recording, thanks to an enhanced version of digital image stabilization HyperSmooth from the company.

THE GoPro Hero 8 Black it has a general update, but the main novelties are in its case, which gives the possibility of new accessories. The main ones are: light, for illumination, and an additional screen aimed at the user to see himself while filming.

Design and Battery

The New GoPro Hero 8 Black is more stable and more powerful than beforeThe New GoPro Hero 8 is more stable and more powerful than before

The biggest change in camera design this year is that it can now be mounted on any setup GoPro, without the need to be an exclusive. THE GoPro incorporated the setups already features of the company and standardized them for the new models.

It is now possible for users to use various configurations for the camera or to use it without any support, freely. This allows users to have more freedom to record or take photos with various possibilities.

In terms of software, the GoPro made a series of changes. Its front and center are equipped with the new version of the HyperSmooth, a digital image stabilization feature that debuted at Hero 7 Black last year and received great reviews.

The feature makes the images appear super smooth, removing any distortions or loss of noticeable resolution. THE GoPro even announced the software upgrade for the HyperSmooth 2.0. Check out the official presentation video:

The new cameras may also be equipped with an Media Module, the Display Module (both costing $ 79.99, approximately R $ 350.00), or the Lighting Module (costing $ 49.99, approximately R $ 200, 00). These modules are accessories that Hero 8 Black Professional quality audio, front display and enhanced lighting. For users looking for extra performance, the modules allow the camera to be transformed into a production center.

THE Hero 8 Black also uses a new battery, the first developed by GoPro in years. It has the same physical characteristics as before, but more powerful and integrated with the camera's functions. The new camera can draw power from the new battery at a much faster rate to help with some of the more intense shooting modes.


GoPro Hero 8 has 12MP while Fusion Max has 16.6MPGoPro Hero 8 has 12MP while Fusion Max has 16.6MP

THE GoPro Hero 8 Black captures photos with a 12MP sensor, while the Max brings a 16.6MP sensor. Users can now take RAW photos in modes slowmotion, instead of just ordinary photo mode. The company also confirmed that the company's HDR photos GoPro Hero 8 Black they are much better now, because they are no longer using the processing algorithms of other companies to merge multiple photos, which was leading to ?ghost? artifacts in moving photos. Now the camera's native algorithm.

Filming on GoPro Hero 8 Black like New HyperSmooth enabled make the footage of the Hero 7 Black seem almost unstable compared to the new model. THE GoPro confirmed that it will abandon the stability technology of previous models, showing that this year it is willing to make the image as stable as possible.

THE Hero 8 Black leaves its trademark when it comes to resolution and specifications. The model records 4K images at up to 60 frames per second, including 100 Mbps for the first time. It records 240 frames per second at 1080p for filming in super slow motion and still capable of transmitting live the 1080pcompared to the transmission of 720p gives Hero 7 Black.

Price and availability

The new models are already on pre-sale, but with no expected arrival in BrazilThe new models are already on pre-sale, but with no expected arrival in Brazil

The new GoPro Hero 8 Black it is already available for pre-sale starting today (1) and will be officially available on October 15th, costing US $ 399.00 (approximately R $ 1,700.00). She stay beside the GoPro Max, which costs US $ 499 (approximately R $ 2,000.00) and the Hero 7 Black, which now costs $ 299 (approximately $ 1,250). J a Hero 7 Silver complete the line GoPro for US $ 199 (approximately R $ R $ 830.00), while the Hero 7 White be discontinued. No deadline for the sale of the new GoPro in the country.

GoPro Hero 8 Black and Fusion Max specifications

ModelGoPro Hero 8 BlackGoPro Hero 8 Max
Video4K 60fps1080p 240fps8x slow-motio78 Mbps360 5.6K 60fps2x slow-motion
StabilizationHyperSmooth 2.0Yes
DisplayFront and rearColorful front
Voice Control14 commands14 commands
Dimensions63 x 45 x 33 mm74 x 75 x 40 mm
ConnectionHDMIUSB Type-CUSB Type C
StorageMicroSD Card2 x microSD
Drums1220 mAh2620 mAh
ExtrasSupport for extra media and display accessories and lightRecords video in 360
Price$ 399.00$ 499.00

What did you think of the new GoPro Hero 8 and the Fusion Max? Leave it in the comments if you already have one and if the new ones are paying off! Be sure to follow the Showmetech for more news about new technologies!

Source: GoPro