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Google Earth for Android Phone

A great news for those who already own a Nexus One: Google has finally made a mobile version of Google Earth available for the Android platform. Considered the fastest version so far, compared to the iPhone version, Google Earth for Android has a smooth framerate and is ready to run on the 800 x 480 screen of the Mountain View giant's cell phone.

?With the launch of Google Earth for Android, we are also introducing the Roads layer, a very popular feature of the desktop version of Google Earth. Now you can have a better idea of ??where you are with road information elaborated on top of the satellite images. In addition, the voice recognition capabilities integrated into the Android platform provide a better experience with Google Earth – a pocket globe that responds to your every command ?mentioned Google on its official blog.

As with other versions of Google Earth, users of Google Earth for Android can also browse photos, places and local businesses. It is also possible to customize the mobile version to show the layers that interest you most, optimizing the visualization of maps and visual information.

Google Earth is available on the Android Market on most devices that have Android 2.1 or later versions. Devices like Droid, or ?Milestone? here in Brazil, will be able to receive access to the product as soon as Motorola offers an update to Android 2.1.