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GitHub Mobile promises to bring more mobility and flexibility to programming sessions

In November 2019, GitHub announced at its annual conference the launch of a mobile version of its platform for iOS. Thinking of programmers with Android mobile devices, the company decided to launch, in January this year, a beta version of the application for the operating system.

Through GitHub Mobile, programmers who have a frenetic lifestyle and workflow have the possibility to review code lines and share feedback about various projects with their colleagues even if they are always on the move.

According to Ryan Nystrom, responsible for the platform's infrastructure department, the application allows greater flexibility for those who want to move their work forward, regardless of where they are: whether they are the secretary at home or on their way to work in transport.

Users can find in the application several features that aim to optimize their level of productivity, being able to follow each step of a project in the palm of their hand. For example, the mailbox of GitHub Mobile allows, with a simple slide of the finger on the screen, to save a certain task for later or, then, mark it as complete and move on to the next.

Although GitHub Mobile is free, both the Android and iOS versions are still in beta, being only available to a limited number of participants. Users who want to experiment with making their programming sessions more mobile can sign up on the GitHub page.