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Galaxy Fold: Samsung foldable runs out in 24 hours in Brazil

The Galaxy Fold, the first foldable screen smartphone sold in Brazil, costs R $ 12,999 and sold out on the first day of sales

If you follow Showmetech, you know that a week ago the Galaxy Fold arrived in Brazil. The smartphone Samsung, with a 7.3-inch folding screen, can be reserved at 17th and began to be officially sold only on Wednesday of this week (22). It turns out that the device, which costs no less than R $ 12,999, sold out in less than 24 hours resetting the stock.

The reason for the great interest of the public is due to the fact that the Galaxy Fold is the first foldable sold in Brazilian territory, sold even before the Razr 2019. The appliance Motorola had the beginning of its sales postponed in the USA until the next 26th and the curious thing that, in direct conversion, it costs half of the foldable Samsung (leaving about 6,300 reais).

Even with the company not disclosing the amount of Fold available here, the registration and price are still on the company's website, which now has a new screen celebrating sales success:

galaxy fold siteSamsung website, after clicking on ?Register? (Reproduction)

The model here was in just a single configuration: 12GB RAM + 512GB storage. It is worth remembering that it can still be sold here again, as this period (between registration and official sale) ends up working only as a test of the success of the product and the result is only: Brazilians are willing to pay 13 thousand reais on a cell phone unique.

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